General Test Update 9.13

Hello everyone,

Today started a general test update 9.13!

From November 26 available test client 9.13, which is only for playing on the test server.

Main changes

Added new branch of medium tanks of Czechoslovakia (I-X):

LT vz. 35
LT vz. 38
ST vz. 39
Skoda T 24
Skoda T 25
Konstrukta T-34/100
TVP VTU Koncept
Skoda T 50
TVP T 50/51
Reworked in HD quality 26 models of tanks.
Improve the characteristics of 31 of the tank.
For the “random battles”  and “Rampage” mode added the new Czech map “Pilson”.

Installation and participation:

Download a special installer (4.9 MB).
Run the installer that will download and install a test version of the client 9.13 (6.25 GB for SD-version and an additional 1.78 GB for HD-version).

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