General Test modes – “Historic Battle”. WoT 9.0

Dear players! Became available special client World of Tanks, in which everyone can test the new game mode update 9.0 – “Historic Battle”.


Main Features of the Public Test
– Historical Battles
– Full 9.0 functionality, including turrets blowing off upon ammo rack explosion
– 3 tanks remodeled in HD (T-54, Tiger I and M4 Sherman)
– 150 tanks remade for PBS (Physically Based Shading)
– Maps remade for PBS

How to Join the Public Test?
Download a special installer (10.5 MB).
Run the installer and install a test version of the client (4.5 GB).
Log in and start playing.

All test accounts will receive a one-time credit of:
100,000,000 free XP
100,000,000 credits
20,000 Gold


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