[ Fully transparent damage panel for WOT

This modification has many advantages. First, to find out the results of the battle the player need to wait for the end of the battle, and then study the all mistakes after battle statistics and omissions which took place in battle. But it is much more convenient and more practical if the results of the battle for player will be provided directly during the battle. So the player will know where missed and will be able to change the situation. This damage panel can  provide you  opportunity to receive data directly in battle.

Author GambitER and MICROB improved their modification. Now you will receive information about the type of ammunition, the degree of the damage, the remaining amount of HP, the last shooter nickname of enemy will highlighted in large print, also you will know its recharge time. Thus you will be able to pay him an unexpected retaliation.

Another advantage of mod is that it is completely transparent. This will allow the player to be informed as much as possible, but it will not be distracted him from the game.


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transparent damage panel  (500 KB)

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  1. psyartax says:

    I have this mod , it’s good but how to change language? i want english…

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