Fully functional J1mb0 hybrid Complete mod packs now availlable [8.5]

WORLD OF TANKS 8.5 Fully functional J1mb0 hybrid and Historical Hybrid Complete mod packs now availlable complete with XVM and Stats.


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Mod Packs – include:

XvM +Stats – to run World of tanks with xvm simply browse to the wot-xvm-proxy.exe and dbl click
Tactical Tablet – strategy tool
Artisan’s White Death – turns dead tanks bright white allowing shooting enemies hiding behind them easier
unobtrusive on screen traverse gauge(for arty and Td’s) – all the bling is gone, very functional
zoom in & out mod
scope shadow remover
mini map with memory and tank model display
hit log and damage counter,
server side reticle (white box style), easily turned off in WoT game settings
unique dispersion/load indicator
Flag Capture Timer
On Fire Damage Panel – “PRESS 6” Pops up on the screen when the tank is on fire
Custom XvM config by JdgDReDD – Standard World of tanks markers enabled, and adjustable via world of tanks in game settings
clip qty graphic
WoT Starter – Control the number of cpu strings running WoT, wot still auto updates and you use XvM
xVm XvM auto updater included
Wot Integrety check shortcut – diagnostic tool


Mods are very easy to install as long as you follow the instructions exactly as follows.

1) Install Dokan Libraries – gotta have it for XvM Stats (skip if you do not plan to  run xvm and just want the mods.) http://dokan-dev.net/en/download/ pls restart after

a) Rename the existing res mods folder to res_mods1 or move it elsewhere prior to installation, especially if you’re already running mods. Old Mod installations could interfere with

the new mod pack, this will also preserve it to allow switching back later. You’ll find it here –>   C:\Games\World_Of_Tanks folder

2) download the mod file of choice to your desktop (for easy deletion later). Unzip directly into C:\Games\World_Of_Tanks
For assistance on deciding which package will work for you read below. J1mb0 and Historical include all accessories, mods, wot starter, xvm updater. wot integrety check and more
Once downloaded extract directly to your C:\Games\World_of_Tanks or unzip to desktop and then copy and past the files in the correct location.

3) To Run the game there are three choices.
a) Start game normally to use mods but not XvM,
b) Dbl click xvm-stat.exe to run XvM found in C:\Games\World_Of_Tanks,
c) Wot Starter find this in C:\Games\World_of_Tanks (included in core mod pack or available as a stand alone download), dbl lick it, then click the button that looks like a file,

browse to C:\Games\World_of_Tanks and dbl click WoTLauncher.exe, THEN click the checkbox indicating you would like to use Xvm and THEN click Start. (wot still auto updates and you

use XvM)
d)integrety checking link provided. Ever have issues where wot won’t run. This may help



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