Full list of changes for update 9.18

We can safely call the update 9.18 – global. But many players are not familiarized with the list of all innovations and additions. For these players we offer this article.

What we can awaits from patch 9.18?

In short, this update will pleasantly surprise theirs fans. In this patch we are waiting for a lot of changes.

  • Changes in artillery
  • Light tanks will be recycled
  • A new mechanic will be added
  • Cardinal changes with balancer

More about the latest innovation

Template Matchmaker

  • This is a new kind of balancing of tanks before the battle, which will form teams according to pre-prepared templates. Priority will be fighting: 3 * 5 * 7. This means 3 tanks in the top, 5 in the middle, and 7 at the end of the list. For example, 3 tanks ten level, 5 tanks nine level and 7 tanks eight level. This is done to ensure that the tanks of the eighth level were comfortable playing against the tanks of the 10th level.
  • Platoons are allowed one level
  • No more than three arty tanks in team
  • Teams are balanced on light tanks and destroyer tank, means that difference between these types of tanks should be the same
  • Priority sending the player to the middle of the list or the top if before that he spent several games at the bottom of the list
  • Improved the mechanism for rotating maps. TNow the probability of falling out of the same map in the period of the game session will decrease.

One thought on “Full list of changes for update 9.18”

  1. stevo says:

    from what I’ve read here, the changes to the game will be much better for everyone. Much fairer battles.

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