Forbidden mod “recharge above the enemy tank” for WOT 0.9.20

This modification will bring you a significant advantage in battle. Forbidden mod “recharge above the enemy tank” for WOT 0.9.20

Each tank has its own recharge time. Now if you do not want to caught the opponent you do not need to calculate  seconds  or know an individual recharge time every opponent. All you need –  to download this mod.
Mod “recharge above the enemy tank” is capable of displaying the time left for enemy to full combat readiness. The time is displayed in the form of a special strip on each tank of the enemy. Everything is convenient and easy. Knowing the information about the seconds before the shot you will be able to plan and carry out attack on your enemy, when it will not ready and will not be able to answer you . Or you will have time to hide and call for reinforcements.

We remind you as mod to give a significant advantage to the player in combat, it  belongs to the prohibite modifications for the use of which may be punished by WG. All responsibility for the use of mod  rests on  player.
Mod works you can see in the screenshots below. Good luck everybody  in battle!


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Mod recharge above the enemy tank (100 KB)

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    this is awesome peace of work.

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