FireBeard’s mod pack 0.9.12a

Especially for you we found a great modpak who developed the player FireBeard. This modpak includes over 20 of the most useful and workable mods.

more screenshots:


Firebeard_0.9.10g_on_fire Firebeard_0.9.10g_fire_death firebeard_0.9.10d_xvm_statistics_explanation


Shell type detection
Improved after battle statistics and session battle statistics
Destroyed tanks are grey and therefore more visible
Improved targeting reticles and TD angle (J1mB0’s)
Transparent damage panel with more noticeable fire warnings
Large map on pressing CTRL
Visible flatbed rail carts
Accurate damage indicator
Removes scope shadow
Zoom out further
3D tank icons
2 lines of tanks in garage
Safeshot to prevent shooting enemies who have just died or teammates
Remembering of Equipment setup for camo, binocs and repair kit
Hangar switcher button


Download and unzip the file using 7-Zip

Put the folder “res_mods” to the root of the game.


FireBeard_Modpack_0.9.12a.7z (19 Mb)

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