FD’s modpack v2.16 for World of Tanks 9.20

Today we present a new modpack, which have already evaluated many players. Modpack FD’s or Frost_DeatH –  is completely legal and authorized assembly. Mod includes a large number of useful and necessary modifications. Any player will find  everything he needs for a successful battle. In the assembly, you will find such mods:




Run installer and follow the instructions


FDMOD_EN_2.16 (27 MB)

FDMOD_CZ_2.16 (27 MB)

14 thoughts on “FD’s modpack v2.16 for World of Tanks 9.20”

  1. Stefan says:

    Can i somehow delete zoomX

    1. Stefan says:

      And when i run game it writes Lowering the price and can’t enter to garage

    2. That One Pro says:

      no i cannot be removed

  2. ROHAN says:

    Game showing black screen and closes immediately.

    1. Oscar says:

      Me too, it is damage somehow.

  3. Rich says:

    Mod pack not working with update 9.15.1
    game fails to load starts to load then crashes.

  4. Oscar says:

    The Worse thing is that mod designer does not give a shit to our comments, that tells you how good it is, lol

  5. eric says:

    seriously, the crash still isn’t fixed. This is the best mod pack have ever seen. Its a shame!

  6. Gabriel says:

    How do i even install this. Theirs no instruction. WTF

  7. E says:

    Fixed atlast Ty. The best mod pack without going overboard. @Gabriel usually its in C drive, under Games World of Tanks, Res Mods take out the, configs,and mods folder just put that on your desk top or in a safe folder, and then replace with the folders you just downloaded into the ResMods.

  8. Peder says:

    Is there gonna be a update on this mod?

  9. eric says:

    Yea im with you guys, this is the best god damn MOD PACK, but it crashes. That’s to bad because this really is the BEST mod pack its to bad the guy who made it wont fix it. I know were the bug is its in Jimbos crosshair mod. I make my own mod pack usually, unless I can get this one, but yea jimbos crosshair mod makes game crash, so im certain that’s were the bug is. FD should find a different crosshair mod to use for now until Jimbos is fixed. FD could get a big fan base just off his Mod Pack if he would take care of it. Lets Go FD! We love your mod pack lets make it work.

  10. Beldar07 says:

    why are all my ingame messages such as attention D7 ….. in russian?
    Im sure i opted for the english version

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