[0.9.8] kodos modpack v1.0 English & German

This package contains some useful mods that are needed for a comfortable game in World of Tanks 0.9.8

kodos modpack

Mods List:

– Horizontal TechTree

– Statistic

Premium Hangar without Premium account

– Damage Panel with repair timer;  fire message

– Damage Indicator

– Hitlog (xvm)

– Crosshair with reload timer

– MiniMap with tank names; view range

– Contour Icon Mod

– Zoom

– No Scroll Mod

– Colored Damage Sticker

– OTM with turret marker, fly away damage (xvm)

– Advanced Base Capture bar (xvm)

– Load whole Crew to an empty tank

Hangar Mods:
–  compact horizontal TechTree
– Premium Hangar without Premium account
– Statistic Mod (from lolcastan, modified
– Load whole Crew to an empty tank (xvm)

TechTree xvm-stats 4 3 2 1


Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4



kodos-modpack-0.9.8-V-1.0.zip Torrent

kodos-modpack-HUD-0.9.8-V-1.0.zip Torrent

kodos-modpack-0.9.8-V-1.0.zip (14 MB)

kodos-modpack-HUD-0.9.8-V-1.0.zip (14 MB)

14 Replies to “[0.9.8] kodos modpack v1.0 English & German”

  1. Hi there I stopped using your modpack a while back because i had individual mods i was using However now i use all of kodos I like what you have done/changed to it. It looks very good and clean i have 1 problemwith the zoom i cannot scroll strait out into zoom or zoom into sniper can this be changed ??

    thanks for a great modpack

  2. nice mod but dislike litle vihicles in 2 rows in the garage and switching to the smalest zoom whan swiching to the sniper how can i change this?

  3. For a start ( you got it right ) love your work just some small things 8.11 mudpack ASAP I will be the 1st to say it … MiniMap with tank names; view range ( view range auto update )
    for the different tanks and the enemy line of site can we have it in arrows on lines or lines
    I now Im asking heaps …lol … but I love the mod-pack and so do %80 of my clan
    thanks again

  4. I use youre modpacks for a long time now, and I like them a lot.
    But when I use the latest version 0.9.2 v1, it’s not working.
    After zooming in the game stalls and doesn’t respond anymore.
    What should I change to get it working?

  5. Hello,
    I have a bug using this pack :
    when going into sniper mode, the cross is stuck upper left and I just can’t do anything whether the game continues.


    1. edit this file and change value enable from “true” to “false”:


  6. I downloaded mod pack but its crashed, every time I use sniper zoom the game freezes, I cant steer tank, shoot, can’t do anything!!!

  7. I hate to say it, but you’re latest mod has bugs in it.
    It isn’t working the way I’m used to.
    After I’m destroyed it is impossible to watch the play of other player.
    For now I uninstalled this mod, waiting for an update.

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