[9.12] Duke nukem voice mod

This is an audio mod to change in-game crew voices to clips and quotes from the king himself – Duke Nukem.


WARNING: This mod is definitely NSFW or for kids – lots of profanity!






Duke nukem voice mod  – Eng (19 Mb)

Duke nukem voice mod  – Deutsch (15 Mb)

14 Replies to “[9.12] Duke nukem voice mod”

  1. the spotting damage is no longer there….I mean,when an enemy is spotted,I doesn’t hear the BIP anymore.

  2. This one needs an update for 8.6 version, WG changed the sound events. So the old version is missing a lot of effects.

  3. Update needed that runs on version 8.11 stable – version Duke Mod Version 8.8 crashes to desktop during loading the new maps “ruinberg on fire” and “himmelsdorf on ice”

  4. is there anyway, you can make the duke nukem sound a lil more adult or something because some of the saying work most of the time, but for some reason it’s laking something in the wot world.. maybe it’s me but I would love to hear more agressive sounds.

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