World of Tanks – free2play game in which you can select any tank of the Second World War and the war on it. After you select the tank you will get on a random map on which 30 players will fight.


World of Tanks European region

Download Full Client 1.8.0 (4.5 GB)

World of Tanks for MacOS (93 Mb)

World of Tanks North American region

Download Full Client Archive

Full WoT archive 1.8.0 (4.5 Mb)

World of Tanks for MacOS (95 Mb)

World of Tanks RU region

Full game client archive v 1.8.0 (3.9 Mb)

World of Tanks South-East Asian Region

Full game client archive v1.8.0 (4 Mb)

World of Tanks for MacOS (93 Mb)

World of Tanks Korea  Region

Full WoT archive 1.8.0 (4.1 Mb)

World of Tanks for MacOS (95 Mb)

105 thoughts on “Download”

    1. AfzalRKO says:

      How come when i run the game client the automatic download is 2gb but here the update is only (680 MB)

      1. Coward says:

        Might be becuase the HD texture packs (at almost 1G) are a seperate DL and the installer is automatically putting them in whether you want them or not.

      2. FORTYTiL5 says:

        Currently downloading a 8,410 MB Update……………………………. FML

      3. EMM TE AII says:

        Can I pay it offline

      4. Arteezy says:

        me too now i cant play till the download is finished come on mate. How can i undo the Update please answer i cant wait bro. please

        1. someone says:

          you can’t undo. since the game is upgrading, the server is as well, as you cant play old wot on updated servers.

      5. ezzatehsan says:

        hey how to download this world of tanksuse the windowns 8.1 pro

      6. Vadim_mag says:

        как скаччять wot с взломом

  1. Rosalio Copioso says:

    Downloading to re install due to the missing dll

    1. Paijo77 says:

      u same with me
      How Resolve the Problem

  2. Antonio says:

    I cannot download the full client torrent, it says forbidden.

  3. Tassadar says:

    When will be the 0.8.7 available on the North American region?

    1. admin says:

      July 29, 2013

  4. zeex says:

    I belong to south asia but only European version is available for me rest are forbidden, will it be a problem if i installed European version?

  5. Winiston says:

    i need 8.7to 8.8 EU patch link pls !!!!!!

  6. ruki78 says:

    \Downloads\ Unexpected end of archive

  7. dropjumper says:

    Will these work?

  8. ibitubaslaci says:

    A gép meghibásodott és kitörölte maradok Tisztelettel a játékos.

  9. ibitubaslaci says:

    Előre is köszönöm szeretném letölteni újbol:

  10. shahramam says:

    i downlod patch 8.10 to 8.11
    and replace files but this error in login game


    luncher try update 988 mg… WHY????

    (sorry bad english)

  11. BoldbAatar says:

    I want download NA torrent T^T

  12. jorge says:

    donante be so harte please

  13. jorge says:

    que lo que dicen todo, no se apuren pue gente!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(_)

  14. jorge says:

    como se descarga world of thanks

  15. Gerr says:

    World of Tanks European region
    latest update 0.8.11 to 0.9.0 torrent ?

  16. 12Die says:

    Please, where is the good old “Full Client Offline Installer”?
    All links on this site or Wargaming Homepage only offer the stupid Online Installer.

  17. JJ says:

    Do U known what is torrent file ? fxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Diandra says:

      Neutral Observer..Hardly..You have been in the tank for Tech since Bob Knight..Game of the century..That still gets me..I will however give you this..It is the biggest game of the wee..kOK..Saturday..Hook Em Horns..BTW..I love your blog..and especially like how easy your word verification is to spell..

  18. dandy says:

    thanks mate. Sea server

  19. Jeremy says:

    can You give me Audio Pacth Please I lost my Audio Pacth at Res File Please 🙁 I need that ( Res Pacth ) PLEASE I JUST PLAY MY GAME WITHOUT MUSIC AND VOICE

  20. saeed.t says:

    please repire North American region links

  21. JhonnyB says:

    This is not the update to 9.2…it is the update to 9.1……

    1. JhonnyB says:

      For EU i mean.

  22. kjhkhjk says:

    SEA torrent version is not a torrent file. It’s an .exe like the internet installer.

  23. TrapperJohn_4077 says:

    I’m trying to download the full client for EU, but the link takes me to that small 5.something MB client installer! Please allow users to download the full client from your servers without needing to use the launcher! It’s way to slow!

  24. Tammara says:

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  25. Pat says:

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  26. adolf says:

    is there a torrent file link for the full eu installer 9.3 ? cant find a working link coz this update destroyed my installfolder so i had to install new wot FU****

  27. Daz says:

    These are not torent files, they .exe files .Has anyone got a torrent file for the full EU client 9.4,thanks.

  28. david says:

    Ou et le lien de torrent ???? , car je cherche a le télécharger sur utorrent car sur ma connexion cela va plus vite et ne pénalise pas la navigation …. car nez que 1.2 mega de connexion … merci 😉

  29. The Pirate Bay says:

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  30. wdwd says:

    Nie mogę grać thx za rozwalenie mi gry pobierać 9 gb przez modem masakra !!!

  31. Hen says:


    I trying download the full europeean client 9.7 version, but only latest_install_eu (6Mb)…
    Where the full client 6,25 Gb??
    Please, help me! Thanks!

  32. Kyox says:

    Is there anywhere where I can download World of Tanks 9.12 full client version?
    I have a really good replay from 9.12 and now I can’t run it on the latest update, can someone help?

  33. bill says:

    fed up with world of tanks it does not do a thing to me a total boring game

  34. Whooohooo says:

    is there a way to find a full patch (no additional download on launcher) ?
    now i can only play mini mode with low tier tanks

  35. aligator13 says:


  36. Thunder says:

    Hope you’re going to provide 9.14

  37. riley says:

    is the download supposed to open as a RAR file, and where do i put in res_mods?

  38. riley says:

    can someone please help me?

  39. riley says:

    sorry this was supposed to go on the wn8 mod page

  40. Alfin says:

    update SEA region to 9.15 please

  41. yemin says:

    how to update my client plz help me

  42. zamfirbogdan says:


  43. zamfirbogdan says:

    November 22, 2014 at 10:56 am
    These are not torent files, they .exe files .Has anyone got a torrent file for the full EU client 9.4,thanks

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  44. zamfirbogdan says:

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  45. Reza says:

    is this the offline version ?

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  48. Mossburger77 says:

    I’m getting a 403 fobidden error when I try to open any of the links.

    1. Stoorb says:

      Same problem here since yesterday.

  49. Angry member says:

    Forbiden nice

  50. EMM TE AII says:

    I want it offline.

  51. Pablo says:



  53. braxten says:


  54. luka says:

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  55. krajta13 says:

    CHtělbych mít tank inspektor.

  56. shawn mcool says:

    hello there can some one plze help me in a problem i have the upload 9.22 will not upload for playstation 4 i have system set up for auto updates on my ps4 soo can some one see why in notification screen there is a np-31739 -3 code telling me to use updates in application oh by the way its not there

  57. shawn mcool says:

    PlayStation 4 names are Shawn m and screen name is bb39446 let me know if there is any thing els u need like ip adress from me

    1. no one literally says:

      why would anyone ask for your IP address anyway? 😛

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