Download the World of Tanks Test Server 9.19

Test server in  game World of Tanks 9.19 – this is a normal server, where they test new maps, capabilities, tanks and other innovations of the game. The WOT test server can not be accessed when the player wanted it – it opens only at a certain time, when the developers of the game need it.

The first common test for patch 9.19May 4th
The second common test for patch 9.19May 11th
The update 9.19May 30th

What is a test server and why is it needed?

A test server is a repository where a copy of the World of Tanks game is stored and reproduced, but with some modifications of course, before you make any changes to the game – they must first be tested.
The first see changes a staff of WOT developers, after they give access for testers. If there are shortcomings, then they are corrected and the version of the new client is tested already under load. Put the test version of the client on the backup server and give access to all those who wish. Again, the development team is looking for errors and shortcomings. After – correct and show the new version of the client.

How to get to the WOT test server

To get to the test-server you need to download the special installer 9.19. After that, run it. It will offer to download the test client – download it and install it. Next, the World_of_Tanks_ folder will be created (in the directory where the player specified the installation).

Everything is ready to be launched! We click on the test client’s shortcut and enter the authorization and login page. We go under your nickname and password, and choose one of the two test servers.

Features test servers

  • Each player is credited with 20 000 gold, 100 000 000 free experience, 100 000 000 silver.
  • All that you earn and buy on the test server – will never go to the main.


List of changes on the test 9.19:

  • Ranked fights;
  • Combat missions 2.0;
  • Female voice acting;
  • HD-quality.

Ranking battles (video from developers)

In short: ranked fights are battles only on tanks level X, where the main goal is to show high efficiency in combat. The more effective it is to play – the higher the rank in the rating and the reward.

New interface in combat tasks 2.0

The developers thought and remade the interface of combat missions, so that players could more easily understand them. In the hangar appeared a new menu item “Combat tasks”. The tasks themselves are now divided into 3 categories: strategic, tactical, and also tasks for the selected machine.

Female voiceovers

The choice of voice now depends on the commander. If your commander is a girl – the voice will be female. You can listen to women’s voices here. By the way, the developers recorded the voice acting even six months ago, as described in the developers’ responses.

New tanks in HD-quality

Full list:

  • KV-13
  • T-44
  • IS-2
  • BDR G1B
  • Renault FT 75 BS
  • Renault UE 57
  • Renault FT AC
  • Alecto
  • Excelsior
  • Vickers Mk.E Type B
  • STA-1
  • MTLS-1G14

Download test server 9.19

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