Damagepanel with angleindicator [0.9.17]

Working version of an original damagepanel with angles. Version 1:


The green area shows the angle from -30° to 30° (till the green line).
Your tank should be angled correctly if you stay in the green section

The yellow one up to 45°, where your sidearmor gets vulnerable.

The red part is a very bad choice.


V2 – HP, modules, the crew in the middle:

5 V3 – standard + modules, the crew in the middle



Damagepanel with angleindicator (1.2 Mb)

9 Replies to “Damagepanel with angleindicator [0.9.17]”

  1. It doesnt work because the asshole who runs this website just renames all the mods to the actual version without testing them to farm clicks for his site i guess. The most mods here doesn’t work.
    Good that iam using addblock you wont earn money with me.

  2. Works just partly for 9.15.1
    It is displayed, but chat has a wrong focus after installing it – the key is focussed at structure points of your tank instead of the chat after hitting on enter to chat which is annoying as you have to click with your mouse into chat area before you are able to chat.

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