[] Damage panel “Harpoon” for World of Tanks

Damaged panel from  combat interface “Harpoon”.

On our site you will find a wide variety of damage panels, but “Harpoon” – it is modification, that must have everyone. Earlier to use this panel was necessary to establish a comprehensive battle “Harpoon” interface with various modifications inside. But now you can use only one panel.

What features and benefits has mod:

  • Space has been increased for better and easy review
  • Messages are seen on top of the panel
  • An interesting animation
  • Repair modules with a timer
  • Damage log
  • Fire indication

In archive you will find 2 versions:

  • transparent
  • ordinary

Generally it is comfortable and  an information panel




Copy folder res_mods in the WOT /


 Harpoon (0.5 MB)

4 thoughts on “[] Damage panel “Harpoon” for World of Tanks”

  1. BushMaster_II says:

    this is not a damage panel.. only a damage indicator..
    or atleast the panel doesnt work!!!!!

  2. Kiezkickerde says:

    Additionally it doesn´t work for wot if I copy the file damageIndicator.swf to World_of_Tanks\res_mods\\gui\flash – the default indicator would still be displayed.

    1. BushMaster_II says:

      copy only in the main Games >world of tanks folder !

  3. BushMaster_II says:

    but it doesnt work anyway ..

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