Damage Panel by Grandpa’s [9.10]


Great damage panel, which includes a hit log and the ability to customize it via the xml file. compatible with World of Tanks 0.9.10. Author: Grandpa’s

Grandpa’s KISS Crosshairs

KISS Icons Style 8

KISS Interface. XVM for 9.10

KISS Artillery Traverse

How to install:

Download and unzip the archive.
Folder “res_mods” put to the root of the game, confirm the replacement.
Install the font “DamageLog.otf”

Damage_Hitlog (300 Kb)

5 Replies to “Damage Panel by Grandpa’s [9.10]”

  1. Hello!
    This Mod is really great for me, i LOVE to specify color and size from Messages etc. – the only problem i have is, i can not change the PlayerName…tried different fonts and sizes, also colors, but none worked…how is it possible to change things within the PlayerName??
    kind regards and a big thanks!!! =)

  2. place files into res_mods/0..8.8/gui/scaleform You can turn playername on or off, or change the fonts, but not language, or what playername shows. Defaults to WoT defaults.

  3. kaorenthos just drop the gui file in your res_mods/8.8 file, if you have any other mods installed make a backup then test it on a replay hope it helps

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