[9.15] Damage indicator – sensing fire mod

A new indicator of damage to the world of tanks. author of “qdly”



Damege Indicator v1


How to install:

Files from the archive to copy and paste this path: res_mods/0.9.15/gui


Bullet Damage Indicator (47 Kb)

4 thoughts on “[9.15] Damage indicator – sensing fire mod”

  1. eiffel says:

    doesn’t work, stop WoT when it is starting…

  2. Six_Gun says:

    doesn’t work, stop WoT when it is starting loading the battle…

    Read more https://tanksmod.com/damage-indicator-sensing-fire-mod/

  3. Grouser says:

    dosent work, stops WoT at the Start of the map

  4. CodyClankTank says:

    I get the same thing – WoT crashes when the map starts.

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