[9.10] Damage Counter Panel (hit log) XVM config by Artasan

XVM config for Damage Counter Panel + Over Target Markers and also Base Capture Counter by Artasan for World of Tanks 9.10. Damaged vehicles colors same as My Countour Icons, so best to use those mods together, but not necessarily.


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Dealt_Damage_Counter_0910_GM_by_Artasan (7.2 Mb)

11 thoughts on “[9.10] Damage Counter Panel (hit log) XVM config by Artasan”

  1. DIS says:

    can you update to 8.6
    this is a good and convenience mod for me

  2. rapaiga says:

    can you leave the players name with clan ……i dont like xvm just to press alt.
    i did like your mod…..but i dont see the from my friend in platoon…..

  3. Ethelstan says:

    Can i remove the hit animation and markers above tanks and use the default ones ?

  4. Kalbii says:

    Can you update this to 8.9? =)

  5. Olethron says:

    It doesn’t work for 8.9. Please update. It would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!!!

  6. Pedro says:

    Prosím o aktulizaci toho dmg panelu na 8.9. Dobře se mi s nim hralo..Díky..

  7. Pedro says:

    Update–0.8.11 pls ..

  8. Brafo says:

    it didnt work today.

  9. pessoa says:

    update to 9.12 pls best mod ever

  10. pessoa says:

    pls update men i really need this mod

  11. dls says:

    update for 9.12 guys, best mod 🙂

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