[0.9.14] Customized After Battle stats windows [win/loss/draw]

Hello everyone,

Today, our site was added a cool mod – Customized After Battle stats windows.

There are three options after battle window, when you win/loss/draw. Author: Ragnarocek

What does it look like:


pGykwIG pBJbVvB


Download and unzip the archive to the root of the game. Confirm replace.

battleStats(4 Mb)

One thought on “[0.9.14] Customized After Battle stats windows [win/loss/draw]”

  1. C says:

    What version of WoT were the screenshots taken in? Because i’ve played today in 0.9.12 and am missing the tank name (KV-2, Type 61, AMX 50 Foch in your 3 images), as can be seen here: http://tinypic.com/r/25at6wy/9

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