Crosshair WoWP for WoT 0.9.21

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I present to you a turquoise arcade and sniper sight for your favorite games. Sights are taken out of the game war-planes, display all the information you need to have a beautiful markers and reload animation, comfortable enough. Clearly visible on any maps. In the archive you will find an arcade, sniper mix.

Content copied and pasted this way: res_mods \ 0.9.21\


Sight WOWP Style  (0.3 Mb)

2 thoughts on “Crosshair WoWP for WoT 0.9.21”

  1. Rasumushu says:

    We need this one translated!

    Quite hard to know what everything does when it is in Russian!

  2. Blacky says:

    Crosshair WoWP 1.0 english for WoT 0.8.6

    Look here:

    still waiting for curse about approval to upload there aswell..

    -Enjoy 🙂

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