[] Creation hangar from any map in one click for WOT

This mod will help you to arrange a hangar of any map at any location by one click.

Unusual but very interesting modification designed by goofy67. Mod  will be able to arrange any hangar of any map. The principle of mod is to find any place you liked in  battle  and put your tank there, then using the keys left ALT + NUM7 mod processes the data and displays them in a hangar. Thus, you can create any kind of hangars from any spectacular scenery.


1426757414_shot_004 1426757327_shot_003

It’s simple and very interesting. This mod help you to create unique and original hangars. All you need is to find an exciting place on the map and press the right keys. Hangar is ready.

Installation: \ scripts \ client \ gui \ mods \ HangMan \ button.json


Creation hangar  (350 KB)



One thought on “[] Creation hangar from any map in one click for WOT”

  1. imBalanced says:

    This is garbage!
    My game crashed. Not even crashed, but I cant look with my mouse. Unplayable.
    Break a leg!

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