kodos compact horizontal tech-tree [0.9.8]

New mod from the famous player – Kodos. compact horizontal tech-tree For World of Tanks 0.9.8 . Add new German destroyers.




unrar to WoT\res_mods\ and overwrite existing files if necessary.


kodos-compact-techtree-0.9.8-V-1.0 (10 Kb)

Other modes:

Contour icon mod

Hitlog & Damage Panel

English & German mod pack

Arcade, Sniper, Artillery sight

3 Replies to “kodos compact horizontal tech-tree [0.9.8]”

  1. Great mod… Except there are no Germans. And the link from the Chaffee to the M41 HMC isn’t shown in the American tech tree. Everything else seemed correct.

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