kodos compact horizontal tech-tree [0.9.8]

New mod from the famous player – Kodos. compact horizontal tech-tree For World of Tanks 0.9.8 . Add new German destroyers.




unrar to WoT\res_mods\ and overwrite existing files if necessary.


kodos-compact-techtree-0.9.8-V-1.0 (10 Kb)

Other modes:

Contour icon mod

Hitlog & Damage Panel

English & German mod pack

Arcade, Sniper, Artillery sight

3 thoughts on “kodos compact horizontal tech-tree [0.9.8]”

  1. porkpotpie says:

    Great mod… Except there are no Germans. And the link from the Chaffee to the M41 HMC isn’t shown in the American tech tree. Everything else seemed correct.

  2. Schmuky says:

    Hello, again i can’t see the download link 🙂

  3. josh says:

    Hi, how do I make the mod work?

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