Common test for World of Tanks 9.20

So update 9.20 is already on the way. At the moment, it is actively testing. The developers carefully studied all the comments and wishes of the players and made changes in the mechanics of stunning artillery, reviewed the combat characteristics of the five nations technology, released a branch of Chinese tanks and added a new format in the mode of “Random Battle” – “General Battle” and much more. And right now let see more detail about what and where it was done.

The General Battle. What it will be and how to get there?

The general battle is a new format of “Random battles”, like “Storm” or “Counter Strike”. The rules are as follows:

  • Two teams
  • 30 players in each
  • Technology only 10 level
  • Not more than 4 arty tanks on team

While all fights will be only on one map – Nebelburg. The size of the new location is 1400 * 1400 meters. In the future, the developers have plans to add more maps. The fighting takes 15 minutes. The conditions of battle are standard: the capture of the base or the destruction of enemy equipment. It is possible to perform personal combat missions, receive awards and marks on the trunk.

How to get the “General Battle”:

Just like getting into “Counter Fights” “Storm”. There should be a check mark in the menu. Next you need to press the button “In battle”. What should the battles give 30 x 30 game in general?

  • The share of single-level battles on dozens in an ordinary random house will decrease.
  • Two and three level battles will be more
  • Playing on tops will be pleasant

What do players get?

  • The grandiose battle
  • Unique content for players with top technology
  • A new place where you can earn bons. How much – this will depend on the experience gained for the fight. In addition, you can get the bons in a regular random! To do this, you will need to get into a one-tier battle on dozens. The Bon Accumulation Mechanism is still running in testing mode.

Technological rebalancing

The characteristics in French, German, American, Soviet and Japanese machines have been revised. About this in more detail in the video.

If you want to become a testing participant, all you need is download a special installer (4 MB)

Release date of update 9.20 World of Tanks

TitleRelease date
The first common test for update test 9.20August 3rd, 2017
The second common test for update test 9.20August 16th 2017
Update 9.20 for WOTThe end of August

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  1. t says:

    the best thing would be if you put the same level tanks in battle, or at least maximum 1 level diferens

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