Common test for update 9.18

Friends! Today is the day when you can try out a new test for update 9.18 and leave your feedback on which the developers will later make a change.

What does we can expect from upcoming update? So there will be a lot of changes and innovations. For example, five new tanks X level, modified and improved balancer, the characteristics of the arty  will be changed and much more. Now about all this more detail.

Common test for update 9.18

1. So, let’s start from the most controversial topic – the balancer. Players for years reported and resented the battles with unequal conditions. If you are in a fight where the opposing team has a technique that is a couple of levels higher, what chances do you have to win? Of course, a team of technicians with a couple of levels above has every chance of winning – this is called an advantage. And such battles with the clear advantage of one team over another was always a lot.
In a new update, this situation will change dramatically. The developers listened to all the wishes of the tankmen and introduced a new algorithm for balancing the equipment. In fact, this algorithm will create “honest” battles. The new function will carefully analyze all the tanks waiting for battle and pick up only one-level tanks.
Another unpleasant moment for the players is the different types of tanks in teams. For example, the enemy team has a significant number of tank destroyers and your team are limited. Guess who has the advantage, it will not be difficult. In patch 9.18 – this problem will also be solved. Now the balancer will only select certain types and levels of tanks, so that the conditions are equal. In addition to all of the above, there will also be a limitation on the arty tanks (only three in the team) and fewer repeated maps.

2. The developers did not forget about artillery. After numerous tests and a lot of work on the main servers will be an update for artillery:
– Increased speed recharge, information and accuracy
– reduced armor penetration by a high-explosive projectile (in order to prevent the destruction of tanks by one machine)
– for arty, the radius of fragmentation of armor-piercing projectile fragments
– stun effect is reduced

3. A new marker that will warn the Allied team about the area to which the fire will be sent (that they could get away from the shelling)

4. Alternative sight. The basis was to take the popular sight of Battle Assistant. This modification allows the player to see the entire trajectory of the shot. Particularly well, this sight works on uneven surfaces and maps with a large number of objects. Alternate scope with the capabilities of Battle Assistant will significantly increase the results of your battle.

5. The level of light tanks will increase to 10 level. A smart balancer will be able to successfully select the appropriate team. Playing on tanks of this kind will be successful and effective.
If you already want to try this change and its features – you can download a special installer. But do not forget that number of participants for testing is limited.


special installer (4 MB)

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