Common test for update 0.9.22 WOT

For the general test, update 9.22 is available. Developers will check how the new version of the balancer works and remade the three branches of the Soviet tree of development, the tank Destroyer, medium and heavy tanks will change.

General test update 9.22

1. On the general test, 9.22 came out a modified balancer. It has changed the mechanism for selecting the random combat mode, now the balancer tries to make sure that the player does not hit the same point several times in a row.
2. Now about the main big and very interesting balance changes of the Soviet development tree, we’ll start with tank Destroyer. On the general test of the update 9.22 there are updated Soviet tank Destroyer with the rear location of the felling. Now in this thread, there are several problems, for example, SU-122 54 on the ninth level falls out of the logic of the development of the characteristics of technique and methods of playing on it.

The branch has a controversial top machine, some people like it, but the fact that object 263 is extremely rare in battles is a fact. To resolve the difficulty, we decided to rebalance the entire branch according to the plan, we should get a branch of assault tank Destroyer balanced before the fight at the near and medium distance.

Su-101 m1 and SU-101 will remain in their places, some characteristics of them will seriously change for the better. Now on them, it will be more comfortable to fight in close combat. Su 122 54 the tank leaves the game, it will be back or not yet difficult to say. In its place will move object 263, the former top branch machine is not bad but not for the tenth level, so we adjusted some characteristics and it was perfect for 9.

The top branches will take the object 268 option 4, the tanl with excellent frontal reservation and a weapon with a single damage 650 units per the gameplay is similar to its predecessors. In our opinion, after all the changes, the branch it turned out interesting and balanced. At the same time, the players have doubts and questions about the changes, the developers are inconsiderate to them, so the final decision about how the branch of Soviet pt-sai will look like on the results of the general test is going further

Download common test ( 4 MB)

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