Common test 9.20.1 release

Hello, tankers! A few hours ago, the common update test 9.20.1 started. With its release, the legendary Type 59 will take a second wind, and the LT-10 will boast of firepower. Also, the developers are planning to replace the British heavy tank of the 10th level and also continue the work on updating the equipment to the realities of random battles.

The development team has worked hard to improve personal combat missions. And you know, now when receiving medals in random battles will be given an additional reward. Interesting? Then let’s go!

British tank destroyer

Developers have reviewed community feedback. Then we carried out statistics. And came to the conclusion that the machines of the alternative branch of British tank and its top, FV4005 Stage II do not enjoy wide popularity among the players. Therefore, this branch of tanks is waiting for change.

At the seventh level, Challenger will receive a new weapon with an average single damage of 280 units instead of 150. The tower will rotate faster. However, the angles of the horizontal aiming will be limited to 120 degrees. Previously, we had to run around the map. Now you can act more positional, as befits a real ambush machine.

FV40005 Stage II – a formidable machine, which was to become a dream for fans of large calibers. Its characteristic was impressive on the screen. Have not yet encountered the harsh reality of the random. The capricious gun and mediocre mobility badly affected the survival of this tank. So it was before. Now the machine is equipped with a new engine Roll-Royce Griffon. The maximum speed will increase significantly and will allow us to quickly occupy favorable positions. The speed of backward movement will also increase. This is very good for survival. Also, guns reduced the spread when turning the tower, increased the angles of horizontal guidance and the speed of rotation of the tower.

British medium tanks

British medium tanks are good tanks, with excellent visibility and good tools. And yet it is difficult to fight against them. The towers do not hold the blow as confidently as one would like. Therefore, in the new patch there will be global changes with the towers of these tanks. For more details about all the changes, see the video below.


Common test 9.20.1

3 thoughts on “Common test 9.20.1 release”

  1. Anticheater says:

    This game was soluție nici but become a moneymaker for wargaming team and it full o cheaters …..Dont plat util they fix theat

  2. Anticheater says:

    This game was so nice it but become a moneymaker for wargaming team and it full o cheaters …..Dont plat util they fix theat

  3. talamasca says:

    Can you tell me please what time exactly wil you run patch at 18th?

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