Colorblind map boundary




Given that any such previously made mods are no longer available, I have decided to make a colorblind map boundary mod. Those who are not colorblind will notice that the original red color lines still show up (to greater or lesser degrees). This mod “paints” over them; it was not wise to erase the red lines.


How to install:

For this mod to be complete, you must download both parts, due to size. Just combine the two extracted folders, and place in res_mods. Please post if you find any problems.


part 1

part 2

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  1. I really want to download this mod, but MediaFire is HUGE on spam. (I need a download manager?!? And I need to cancel a half-dozen spam & malware downlaods in order to try to get the download I want.) Try using DropBox and make the files public. It’s much easier.

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