[9.8] Clock in hangar, battle + angles 2.4

Mod that adds Clock and Calculator in hangar, battle + angles 2.4. Author: locastan



Ingame_Clock_int_98 (1000 Kb)

12 Replies to “[9.8] Clock in hangar, battle + angles 2.4”

  1. Doesn’t work. Installed to Res_Mods folder, merged everything, and nothing. No clock, no tick marks. Says it’s compatible with 8.10, but I highly doubt that at this point.

  2. Hi there,

    Would anyone know how i could remove the clock from the battle?

    Or how could i just use the Angle thingy with out that clock on the battlefield.

    Thanks cool mod.

  3. I am hoping you can think of a good way to add additional clocks with Timezones. 2 would be good (local time) and a configurable “Clan Time”. Additional configurable ones would be better so I know what time it is for my friend in Australia :-).


  4. 9.8 still doesn’t work – clock only shows up in garage, no angles… Pretty bad, i liked this mod previously 🙁

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