BVM mod (battleVehicleMarkers) without XVM for WOT 0.9.21

New mod BVM (battleVehicleMarkers) for World of Tanks 0.9.21. Many players thought it’s no longer possible to revive the old OverTargetMarkers mod, but as we see it is not true.¬†Mod BVM flying damage without the XVM for World of Tanks – is a replacement for the old all-familiar OverTargetMarkers modem with a newer one.

But it is slightly different from the old OverTargetMarkers mod, since now the damage you deal will not fly in the center of the marker, but was moved to the right, which is very convenient at the moment. Customization of markers is made by the developers in a separate game settings item.

You can customize them by going to Settings – Markers and there already to choose what and how to display. If you have a weak PC, and you do not have the opportunity to install the XVM, then this mod is very suitable for you so that the FPS does not lower in the game.

Mod fot WOT

Download BVM mod (battleVehicleMarkers)

Mod will be constantly improved so that you could play with it comfortably.


  • Added a rating of players in the ears, a player’s rating bar, the number of fights, and the percentage of victories.
  • Configuration via configs.
  • In the hangar settings tab markers you should have a tick – the name of the player, otherwise, the rating will not work.
  • In the archive, you will find two versions of the mod: new and old version.


Copy the mods folder to the game folder (WOT), confirming the replacement.


BattleVehicleMarkers (13 Mb)

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