Bushmaster sight for WoT v:n/a

We represent one more creation from author Valuhov. This time the author offers a minimalistic sight, but with a surprise. The colors in the sight dominated by blue and green. Mod has only two indicators. The first is your display of recharge time. As soon as the shot is ready, the indicator will change its color. And the second, perhaps the most important indicator, the mode reflects the thickness of the tank armor.

sight for WoT

sight for WoT
Perhaps, it is impossible to overestimate this function. Thus, depending on the thickness of the enemy’s armor, the image will change color when hovering. If you do not have a chance to damage the enemy – red, if on the contrary – green.
Of course, the author did not forget about other additions: zoom mode – a necessary thing in battle, a convenient circle of information and much more.


Copy the mods folder to the game folder (WOT /), confirming the replacement.


Bushmaster (1.11 MB)

3 thoughts on “Bushmaster sight for WoT v:n/a”

  1. cool says:

    their are 3 maps in download
    i added the ENG to my game, looks awesome and calculator works, but where does the FONTS file go ??

  2. Jock Harcourt says:

    I couldn’t open it. Had some weird word document

  3. Erwin says:

    It’s this crosshair legal ?

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