Bonus Codes

Friends! Tankers! Commanders!
Our site periodically distributes free bonus codes for World of Tanks.

bonus code

All you need to do is go into this category and read the rules:

The rules are very simple. Usually, you need to Subscribe for our Facebook page and do repost some news.
For these actions, we once in several days giving away bonus codes 1000, 5000 and 10000 gold.
Also, we’ll be giving away tanks and premium accounts.

331 thoughts on “Bonus Codes”

  1. oktay0617 says:

    Very good.I wish you continued success.

          1. ATANAS14 says:


          2. Mason Davis says:

            i want a T-34 American Heavy Tank

        1. lukasz15961 says:

          Please the bonus code of 750 Gold

        2. Discovery626_HUN says:

          Very good!

        3. hung says:

          i watnt code 10000 gold

        4. Liam says:

          I would like 900000000 coins and 60000gold and579986experiense

          1. SexyPotato says:

            I would like the succ

        5. Hamza says:

          haha i give u 50k gold

      1. gabriel says:

        I need code for blitz

        1. KYS says:

          It says World Of Tanks

    1. Djordje says:

      Bonus code ?

      1. sanyikaa says:

        az :_D

    2. Kamil says:

      I need 10k gold or t-34-3

      1. Kamil says:


    3. Luong_SEA says:

      i want invite code for Asia server

      1. Khoan Dung says:

        WGAUSANZ17 invite code for SEA server, 500gold, AC1, 3days premium
        source: Khoan Dung Blog

  2. marcinnagi says:

    some gold will be nice.

  3. JOHN SNOW says:

    i want bonus code

  4. rolike1235 says:

    prem gold all very hepy

  5. ArtillerySoldier says:

    ArtillerySoldier wot asia =]]

    1. Makina says:

      Usta li te jebem,isprimana,nesposobna.

  6. ivanignatski says:

    Hehe nice !! if its real and i get some gold or premium acc it may be realy nice !! 😀

  7. drew lutz says:

    nice site good info great mods thanx

  8. yhudz says:

    i hope you can give me bunos code and primium thanks

  9. kortchakc says:

    de l’or est deja un joli cadeau possible vu son utilisation très diversifiée en jeu alors je tente ma chance également 🙂

  10. lizzard15 says:

    hell yes!! some gold please!!

  11. Josh James says:

    Shared a lot of stuff on your FB page. Will see if this is legit. Will await a code.

  12. Fr3akyzZx3 says:

    Some gold will be nice

    1. pierredu09 says:

      pourquoi pas, l’or devient indispensable

  13. hh says:

    to nie kody tylko gówna dupa huja

  14. goose99 says:

    fee bonus code cool.

  15. LordBattleKing says:

    Excellent stuff – thanks for the update – big respect from LBK

    1. joshua says:

      its not working

  16. john says:

    what the code

  17. Giedrius says:

    i help you , if you need ,and if i know it 🙂

  18. Giedrius says:

    If someone have bonus code please send me Thx guys :/

    1. V_I_S05 says:

      Pls bonus code world of tanks 🙂

  19. TrachMuncher says:

    I want some gold or some premium time. All donations accepted! 😛

  20. abdou says:

    help pls for get gold pls pls pls

  21. misza86 says:

    hey 🙂 how can i get some bonus code ?? 🙂

  22. Manu_GZ says:

    I have one CBT EU code for World of Warships i change it for something in WOT
    Contact me.

    1. mark says:

      can i have it pls?

      contact me at

      if you have any bonus codes

    2. guillaume_2014 says:

      je suce ta mere tu as vu??

  23. Chrystopherhop
    en server

  24. Chrystopherhop
    EU Server

  25. steve says:


    can i have that bonus code. i play wot since 3 years.

    thank u

  26. atti says:

    what a bonus codes?

  27. fasttankpower says:

    I Can use it 🙂

  28. TheDarkness9915 says:

    Hi i need a bonus code for like 5000 gold im having a really hard time in wot right now i need a little “financial support” 🙂
    i did like and share everything on the facebook page to get a higher chance of getting gold or premium tanks though 😀

  29. OGGY says:

    Hi,i need a bonus code for premium account 🙂
    PLEASE 🙂

  30. Skylar Absher says:

    hi i would like a code i supported ur page and stuff thanks

  31. Giniral_Campain says:

    code bonus pls

  32. Luiz234 says:

    Can i have STA-2 or 7kgold please :3 just once in my lifes

  33. Armand says:

    new bonus code: MAYPAH1D

  34. kamionosman says:


  35. Genaral Grill Grunt says:

    please send me a bonuscode for World of Tanks

  36. darko123123 says:

    code bonus pls!!!!!

  37. Wabbit01 says:

    I would also like either gold or a bonus code …

  38. jhongz69 says:

    pls send me bonus code almost 4 years playing WOT but i dont have any prem tank coz i,m of financial. pls.

  39. Rosen Asparuhov says:

    nice worck

    1. maxime515 says:

      I need gold please.

  40. natemurders says:

    Hey I have been playing WOT for about a year! Love the game more than any other game, I dutifully followed your fb page and reposted your posts. An extra bonus code would be appreciated:)

  41. b34omi says:

    can i get a tog plz
    all my friends have one but i don’t so.
    i want a tog
    and 1000 gold

  42. biglon49 says:

    i would be very thankful to receive some free gold after all the gold i had bought in this past year and a wot hoody would be a nice gesture on your part for a loyal gamer thnx if this is forreal

    1. biglon49 says:

      i would like a bonus code

  43. bail says:

    I would like some gold, experience and maybe a tank

  44. Fer says:

    I’m playing WOT for more than a year and bought some premium tanks. I will love to have some gold a another premium tank !!!!

  45. Farmboy01 says:

    Thanks for the gold?

  46. goran235 says:

    i would like a bonus code pls i need gold !!!!

  47. MiniTanks says:

    i would like a bonus code pls i need gold !!!!

  48. GhostKiller says:

    I shared your page and will be sharing more stuff would just like some gold please and thank you 🙂

  49. aleksa05 says:

    I play WOT 4-5 years, never get some gift, if u can – give me some golds, if u cant – txs , Ill play without that .

  50. Serghei says:

    How can I get gold?
    someone help me?

  51. Yannick says:

    Would love some gold 😉 and send me some bonus codes. Always welcome with those. I’m loving this game so much.

  52. Would love some gold 😉 and send me some bonus codes. Always welcome with those. I’m loving this game so much.

    Read more

  53. Marco says:

    I need code bonus pls?

  54. dule says:

    mozeli malo zlata

  55. Kispetike says:

    Can someboody give me some bonus codes?
    I haven’t got money for gold or premium tanks, but I want to get the AMX Chasseur de Chars. If you can send me bonus codes here is my e-mail:

  56. molo2003 says:

    I need a bonus code on like 5000 gold and 1 000 000 credits. I’m struggling to get credits and runs only minus all the time, so I need some “financial support” to be able to get new tanks. Many times I have experienced that I’ve had to sell a tank because I can not afford to play with it.
    Please give me a bonus code.

    1. lol says:

      coz u so dumb noob.hahaha

    2. Leatrice says:

      Wow. I am sooooo impressed with your career and dedication. My husband is always reminding me that &qtno;skio&qutu; is the body's largest organ and I should take better care of it. Here's to your future successes in all that you do (and fingers crossed to win).

  57. J Carlier says:

    Do people without facebook have a chance ?

  58. mark says:

    can i have a amx 13 57

  59. mdflorix says:

    chiar este adevarat cu codurile astea jok de trei ani si nu am folosit nici unul nu am primit nicio data in chimb am bagat la bani ….destui pot primi si eu asa ceva gold…

  60. tedvicknair says:

    Hey, can any of u guy`s give me gold,if not can u keep me updated on all the bonus codes, thx 🙂

  61. PredaUC says:

    Hmm, Bonus Code for Gold??? ? yeah this is a great Idea, with some Gold i can buy more stuff for this awsome game!!!

    1. PredaUC says:

      Ups…..I mean awesome ?

  62. ANONYM says:


  63. kamui_sin says:

    please GOLD・・・
    I need now・・・(Japan HT)

  64. Realist says:

    There is no free gold for anyone without being in the lotary …. got it ?
    Try to pay some euros to buy and dont crave for gold or premium shits …
    Be realistic … Voilà la vie….. dur !

  65. MagicPony says:

    pls i need gold thx!

  66. 302_Wietnam says:

    I need GOLD 🙂 1000 will be enough 🙂 Thank you 😉

  67. dashon says:

    i want some bonus codes
    for world of tanks

  68. onogrunch says:

    needed gold

  69. LoireChan says:

    bonus code pls..sure could use some..prem tanks and gold coins..XD

  70. Vu says:

    Can I have some gold please?

  71. renovatio says:

    bonus code pls..sure could use some..prem tanks and gold coins..XD

    likes @loirechan

  72. japanac17 says:

  73. Miloje says:

    PLEASE give me one of the BONUS CODE!!!!
    Please,I am stuck in the game with only 2147 credits,and I need some gold for premium account at least one day-PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  74. DarkSoulRock says:


  75. firepod_2014 says:

    give code me please

  76. bwats1101 says:

    can you give me a bonus code for a tank?

  77. Luka says:

    Can u give me a bonus code.?

  78. Ged says:

    Bonus code for 10000 gold please!

  79. puisels says:

    I need a bonus code on like 5000 gold and 1 000 000 credits. I’m struggling to get credits and runs only minus all the time, so I need some “financial support” to be able to get new tanks. Many times I have experienced that I’ve had to sell a tank because I can not afford to play with it.
    Please give me a bonus code.

    Read more

    1. ionutoachy says:

      I like

  80. Miroslav says:

    I need bonus code please or gold

  81. MentalPower says:

    I need bonus code please or gold

  82. Vibrozer says:

    Nick Vibrozer pls gold 😀

  83. BUNGER1 says:

    plz i need a premium tank to make money!! i shared and liked a lot of your photos. Please give me a code!

  84. Kónya Ádám says:

    Please I need a premium tank.

  85. Tomáš says:

    Ahoj prosím chtěl bych tank prémiový T34. 😉 nebo CDC. Děkuji

  86. tyfonas says:

    bonus code?

  87. Można prosić jakiś czołg lub premkę 🙂

  88. IMNesTea says:

    Pls Gold Bonus Code W.o.T an IMNesTea or

  89. pepper14 says:

    I am 110 golds short on Churchill III. I wish to have it, because I play soviet heavy tanks as primary and I want to have better crew . . .

  90. margmel says:

    How do you do. I am longing to American T100E3. Or charging tank is want. Nice to meet you.

  91. freewheelbasher7 says:

    hey sorry but whats the code

  92. freewheelbasher7 says:

    what I the code

  93. Btyr149 says:

    Some gold please

  94. White___Falcon says:

    bir bonus kodu varsa yada altın yollarmısınız 10000çok lazım lütfen 🙂

  95. cammha701 says:

    no more bonus codes =(

  96. amy says:

    no more huh?

  97. GUIGUI says:

    Pls clic

  98. agbd1989 says:

    please bonus code in WZ112

  99. Sam.k says:

    I could use some gold or code for an SU 122 44 as it is on sale and could really use for some credits.

  100. carrera991 says:

    i want to buy something in wot but i don’t have any credit cards 🙁 so plz give me a bonus code. nice to meet you and happy new year 😉

  101. virg says:

    i want a bonus code . tnx

  102. agbd1989 says:

    pleas free bonus code

  103. kaposztaa says:

    jfnLDFhf,m JHEFG UHRU raWHRwukrh fWEHF.W,akhefawéoezr pawhgawjshgioa rzqplkg

  104. kaposztaa says:

    myb w1iujd1 1e3dh210opdn12 d123ehr

    1. zexboki says:


  105. zarko says:

    how to get bonus code

  106. Jacklyn says:

    Thanks for helping me to see things in a dinefreft light.

  107. MAtt says:

    I need a gold for three premium days

  108. Uros says:

    code? goooooood

  109. Btsm says:

    Yes.. a code would be nice 😀

  110. gaderrf says:

    At least one code please

  111. agbd1989 says:

    I need a bonus code for 7500 gold.
    so that I could buy a premium tank.
    My old account was stolen.

  112. agbd1989 says:

    I will be very grateful

  113. agbd1989 says:

    I had always lucky. if you see me please send me Daki bonus code

  114. muskysv says:

    Hi,i need a bonus code for premium tank Tier VI or Tier VIII for CW 🙂 tnx

  115. MasterFerd says:

    I dont care What, just give me something haha



  116. Alkait says:

    siema czołgiści mam już 5 X i nie stać mnie na ich utrzymanie poratuj kodem bym nazbierał na kolejną X

  117. DingusDablet says:

    To get the code for the German Lowe on WoT Blitz would be cool, if you can get it, thank you.appreciate it.

  118. petr says:

    🙂 tak potěšil by code

  119. adurdo_sk says:

    please bonus code for 750 golds

  120. alive says:

    I need bonus code for gold

  121. alive says:

    Give code for 10000 gold please

  122. Bülent says:

    Hi You Supper

  123. crazru says:

    cod pls

  124. bagdonasvalentas says:

    please bonus code thanks

  125. V_I_S05 says:

    pls bonus cod worl of tanks

  126. crazru says:

    code pls tnx

  127. daghan says:

    I will be very grateful

  128. Botond says:


  129. tzveti02 says:

    Where is bonus code for gold??? 🙂

  130. Shane says:

    I would like a bonus code….just found out about them.

  131. evaldas says:

    pls come gold 20000

  132. kondziu562 says:

    Pls give me code for some gold or prem account. I would be very greatefull. Thx

  133. maiconcampos says:

    por favor gostaria muito de codigo bonus

  134. Dru says:

    Codes for new users


  135. Heinrich says:

    I want some gold to Buy at least 3 tier 6 premium tanks

  136. Heinrich says:

    At least 20000 gold

  137. RoverKnight says:

    Do you give away these codes to every subscriber or only some of them?
    And when to how much of them do you give a code?

  138. bigbabba81 says:

    some gold would be nice…got no money for some prem-days till to end of the month

  139. wot cod says:

    New bonus cod :

  140. zare says:

    BATTLEFOREARTH bonus code

  141. Andrei says:

    Done! Let the gold come to me 😀

  142. Dylan says:

    Code bonus or ? svp

  143. tzveti02 says:

    Please give me 20000 gold for WoT…
    tzveti01 🙂

    1. tzveti02 says:


  144. HaTom says:

    Tôi muốn có một số vàng hoặc một thời gian cao cấp.để mua ít nhất 3 tier

  145. kpcool465 says:

    Please could I have 15,000 gold. Thanks

  146. Spirits says:

    so great.

  147. President__ says:

    What is the BONUS CODE?

  148. Hồ Quang Vinh says:

    Please could I have 20,000 gold. Thanks

  149. onlyme says:

    do this earn money buy gold easy as that

  150. cakabo says:

    banada 20.000 altın lütfen diyeyim belkim sesimi biri duyan olur…

  151. V_I_S05 says:

    Please give me 20000 gold for World of tanks 🙂

  152. Dominik Dušek says:

    Pls gold

  153. Alex ionut says:

    Can i have some gold??

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  155. darkom1973 says:

    again FB twitter, and this crap….

  156. burak says:

    pls give me 10000 gold

  157. Sprinternet says:

    I everytime got errors with payment
    like FAIL Action temporarily unavailable please try again later
    so I want one bonus code of 20000 gold.

  158. Take lots gold exp points and a great german and a great American tank in the gamw thank you amd god bless.

  159. tahamtan says:

    hi i need gold

  160. V_I_S05 says:

    10000 goold pls give my

  161. ravko says:

    how to get bonus code

  162. darksoulrock says:

    hola, gran trabajo, acepto oro a cambio de arroz, pasta, azucar o aceite….. Venezuela …. libre

  163. maartin says:

    how to get bonus code

  164. Suburucute says:

    i would like a bonus code pls i need gold !!!!

  165. jonathan cote says:

    i want 180 days premium or any premieum account

  166. drhyde1 says:

    Pls bonus code, Have nice day!

  167. mirt blek says:

    Hi I need a bonus code for like 5000 gold im having a very difficult time in WOT now I need some “financial support”
    I like and share everything on facebook page to get a greater chance of getting gold tanks or premium that

  168. dimEU says:

    Can I have 10 000 gold pls? thx

  169. Woolf_fighter says:

    Can I have 10 000 gold pls? thx

  170. LandOfGaming says:

    Where is my bonus code??


  172. Mark says:

    I would like the pz 58 mutz please as i need money to progress to the next tier.

  173. afgsdfg says:

    i would like 120,975,634,009,565 gold please

  174. Pkazan says:

    I need 10000 gold plz todayy

  175. muhammadnur says:

    please give me big bonus Gold & Money or war gaming code

  176. kyrovecas says:

    hlp me im nead 5000 gold

  177. assh0lez says:

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  178. Kod says:

    I can sell bonus code for EU server – 2500 gold = 5 €
    write me

  179. Marko says:

    motets give me a bonus code for 5000 gold need urgent

    1. DJOLE_SRB_29 says:

      motets give me a bonus code for 5000 gold need urgent

  180. Bob says:

    I like to get gold and credits for I am coming back to WoT as I was away for a bit working and I was away for 2 yrs. I had no internet and when I left I was so low on money I have 200,000 silver to play with and we all know that dont go far on tier 5 -8.
    So plz give me what you can.

  181. I want gold 10000
    Wait for me !

  182. hausen says:

    Hi .. can someone give me 20000 Gold please…

    1. vlaciga says:

      I need 10000 gold plz

  183. Ivica says:

    Not vork….

  184. tommy450 says:

    I want a tetrarch back even if I have to buy it or rent it. Does anyone know how to do it. I cant find it any where that allows me to rent it or buy it.

  185. tommy450 says:

    I just want a tetrarch back is all. How do I rent tanks?

  186. Adriana says:

    i wish 20.000 gold

  187. Sweet_Devil says:

    I only need 10K 🙂

  188. bambam says:

    i want to code

  189. Sam says:

    Can I have a lot of gold please?

  190. Mushqa says:

    gold?? chit or rely givet gold? in game I have nick Mushqa

  191. ada says:

    I only need 10K ?

  192. minimario says:

    i want scorpion-g

  193. Marusjja says:

    děkuji gold.

  194. Cookie667 says:

    Can I have gold

  195. Toxicni says:

    Nice, keep up the good work.


  196. Timothy says:

    Either 12k gold or Skorp g plz
    Ingame name: Alexanderthegreat12

  197. MIKE says:

    this is BULLSHIT!

  198. Nikosanteri says:

    hey, id like to get some gold [more than 600] any amount above that is good, and if you could give also one or more Premium tanks gold is the primary target, your game is awesome 😛

    IGN: Nikosanteri

  199. Filip says:

    i want the IS 6

  200. dyako says:

    daite bonis kod za zlato

  201. torben says:

    FAKE !!!!

  202. I KNOW THIS ISNT FAKE says:

    I Want GOLD !!!

  203. I KNOW THIS ISNT FAKE says:


  204. DRAGA64 says:

    I Want GOLD !!!

  205. JEFF says:

    PM me the code plzz 🙁 SEA server
    at My Email “” hoping for your nice reply TY

  206. alex says:

    i wish 20.000 gold

  207. cengiz says:

    gold kod plz

  208. chip says:

    i need a gold

  209. Spoun says:

    Pls bonus code, Have nice day!

  210. Filip says:

    give me the gold, have nice day 🙂

  211. Jonas Nielsen says:


  212. Ecjev says:

    Pls 10k golds

  213. David says:

    ich möchte gerne einen premium panzer haben

  214. Kim Ewen says:

    When was the last time this was run?

  215. steve says:

    i need gold alot pls help a Friendly tanker thx

  216. Tankmasterash1 says:

    AMX CDC please

  217. praoutov says:

    pls bonus gold of 10 000 😀

  218. superazrun says:

    pls send me bonus code almost 10 years playing WOT but i dont have any prem tank coz i,m of financial.

  219. KKOY says:

    Pls bonus code. thanks

  220. Miro says:

    I want an bonus code:D please?

  221. Justin says:


  222. logan weber says:

    may i please have a ticket ?

  223. xMetaBaroNx says:

    proszę o 10000 golda…bardzo potrzebuje żeby sie szybciej rozwinąć:)

  224. xMetaBaroNx says:

    Jeden dobry kodzik na golda pls:)

  225. nguyenxyz says:

    I need god to develop the present way.

  226. Cpt_Chihaya_Gunzou says:

    I want the BT-7 Art. code!

  227. Manu_28_sniper says:

    i want so 1000 gold 🙂 pls
    my email adress

  228. BluesMester says:

    There is a valid bonus code here ??

  229. totalerror16 says:

    Hello soo if you give me 3700 gold make me very happy 😉 bytheway thank 🙂

  230. Juggernaut_Killer says:

    Hello, i need 20 000 gold can me Help anybody, pls it is very very important?

  231. c0rn3LL says:

    Please 20k gold, today is my birthday, thank you.

  232. Abbence says:

    I subscribed, pls send code 😀

  233. ole says:

    i want 50000 gold 10000000 Credits and 10000000 free experience

  234. COBRA_71_HUN says:

    jó lenne ha kapnék.Mindegy mennyit de kapjak

    1. COBRA_71_HUN says:

      köszönöm szépen..Álmon egy defender gép…sajnos alighanem álom marad..De sebaj csak adjanak valamit.Kicsinek is örülök..Köszönöm további szép napot

  235. BaronKtm says:

    Prosím o 50000 zltáků a hooodně kreditů 🙂

  236. eray says:

    hey my friends , sen me code 10k 20k 30k gold code pls
    write me ok ?
    pls , look , i need this. pls
    gamer name : eray34336

  237. Rombolo998 says:


  238. fejer1998 says:

    Hali, fejer1998, bárminek örülnék 🙂

  239. CHUDRUU says:

    hey my friends , sen me code 10k 20k 30k gold code pls
    write me ok ?
    pls , look , i need this. pls my gamer name MONGOL_9981

  240. Gugus says:

    Hey I want gold for pay my obj 140 and my LT-100cT.

  241. Jindřich Janečka says:

    Please 15 000 gold

  242. msiikila1 says:

    I want gold 14500

  243. gabriel says:

    quero 15000 de gold

  244. joe says:

    free mining gold wot use your pc cpu and gpu lead in a special field (referral code) and get 20% from pool performance !!! Referral Code: GLDC97BY7 Link to GLDFY …………………………

  245. Rad04 says:

    I want to some golds please. 🙂

  246. Vito says:

    hello, this month I’m happy, is it possible to have a gift code for gold, coins and experience? thank you

  247. Bat says:

    wait….where is that code ?

  248. estrdht says:

    Bonus Code Of April 2018:

  249. kamikazeee24 says:

    all codes are wellcome 😉

  250. copVN says:

    i want tank 6 premium and gold.
    my email:

  251. meysam says:

    Hi do not be tired. I can not find the relevant code and I need a lot to buy gold for the garage, and so on. Please help. Thank you.

  252. meysam says:

    Friends Please send the codes that are active to the US server on my email if there is no hassle please .. Thank you …. I’m gratefulhttps

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