[] BOGRAD’s clean and simple XVM config

Here is one more XVM config for you from eu. forum. The author has made mod for himself but decided to share with other players. Mod  updated frequently. What can you find here:

– battle loading

– HP players

– TAB panel

– Hitlog

– Server ping and number of players

– Carousel

– Players Panel


iqWu8dV XuDj3WW st8rdv3


Open the archive. Delete your res_mods folder and replace it with the one from archive.


Bograd_XVM_1.0.2.1 (7 MB)

18 Replies to “[] BOGRAD’s clean and simple XVM config”

  1. To enable zoom in more than 8x you should edit bograd/camera.xc section sniper/zooms/ and add whatever zoom levels you want (ie: “zooms”: [2, 4, 8, 16, 32],)

  2. @ZYRAXES: I got used to this setup. You can remove color='{{c:r}}’ from vehicleformatleft and vehicleformatright in playerspanel.xc
    You can change the position of the clock by changing x and y values in clock.xc

    @SHEBA2505: delete res_mods folder and reinstall

    For support use official topic on wot forum since i don’t follow this site

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