Blue Dead tank and white tracks for WOT 1.7.1

Many players well know  principle of mod White Dead tanks, because it is one of the most popular and useful mod. Today, we offer an analogue of this modification, and even improvement.

Mod Blue Dead tanks and white tracks consists of two separate modifications. Firstly is mod blue dead tanks. All dead enemies  vehicles on the battlefield will be displayed in blue color. It is very convenient and it is clear in the battle. You will see this tanks and can save time and ammunition.

Secondly mod white tracks of tank. All tracks of damage enemy combat vehicles will be displayed in white colour. It is a great situation to attack an enemy. Mod completely official and allowed by developers. Author of mod is StranikS_Scan player.


Image 1


White-Blue Dead Tanks (12 MB)

3 thoughts on “Blue Dead tank and white tracks for WOT 1.7.1”

  1. TrollerK9 says:

    and…. how to install it again ?

  2. where do the files go? not specified… also, the text file in the .rar is totally impossible to read… is it because it’s part of the programming or he just likes to troll? cant even put it in google translator because of all the weird accents and stuff…

  3. dute2000 says:


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