Beautiful hangar interface for World of Tanks

Specially for the replacement of a standard interface, we have found a new, beautiful hangar interface for World of Tanks

Recently, we introduce you Summer / Blue interface with winter illuminations at login. Today we offer one more mod for hangar. Beautiful mod with hangar interface for World of Tanks
This interface will completely transforme design of your game. In this mod will dominate gray and blue colors. Was reworked all buttons, windows, flags, background, and even in the button battle. Also a lot of blue contours and  elements have been added.

Generally mod looks interesting and unusual. I am sure many players will like it. Author of mod is KutuzoFFF_22rus. There are 3 versions of interface to choose from. Below the screenshots you can see the work of mod.


shot_024 shot_023 shot_022 shot_021 shot_020


Folder gui and scripts from the archive in the WOT / res_mods / /


Beautiful hangar interface (280 MB)

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