[] Battle Assistant v.2.2.7 — best modification

Battle Assistant – project represents several modifications client games World of Tanks, insignificantly changing the gameplay.



Battle Assistant best modification according to WDC (Wargaming Developers Contest)

Modification changes UX games of the gaming process, making it more comfortable and convenient for a part of the players, but does not provide a competitive advantage.

Universal artillery sight!

To switch to a new mode of sight and back need to artillery mode, press the “G” or middle mouse button.
– More clear flight path of the projectile.
– A good overview.
– Aiming to any part of the tank.
– In the case of the sudden disappearance of the glare of the tank, the aiming point is not shifted






Copy the file with the wotmod extension to WorldOfTanks / mods / <client version>.
At the first start, the mod_battle_assistant.txt file with settings will appear in the mods / configs / battle_assistant folder.


wotinspector.com.battle_assistant.2.2.7 (310 Кb) 

484 thoughts on “[] Battle Assistant v.2.2.7 — best modification”

    1. admin says:

      Yes, of course

      1. ninjaman217 says:

        Can you put the download link in? its not there

          1. Dakota says:

            This just pops up as a PDF in note pad

          2. thekiller490 says:

            download link is not there

          3. thekiller490 says:

            its not there for me

        1. Pedro says:

          download link its not there

          1. Wampus Cat says:

            it is the blue font on this page: below Download “193 – Battle Assistant (60 KB)” I have downloaded and installed.. the mod has not worked thus far. Late last night I opened one of the two included files battle assitant.txt ( I think ) – which is the config file. There was a setting that had mouse button 2 and J – but this was made by a Russian developer I think, and I am suspecting that the keyboard mapping may be different. I changed the keyboard button to G vs J but have not tried it yet. I will know later tonight if this fixed the issue. If it has not, I will simply remove it and wait until the initial bugs have all shaken out. Good luck!

        2. thekiller490 says:

          it doesn’t show the download link

        1. sealrabbit says:

          but ESA serve? can i use it?

          1. TW_Wayen says:

            It’s useful in ESA server too. Just download and put in file. Have fun! BTW I’m from Taiwan.

      2. tristan says:

        I cant download it it keeps popping up in a notepad form

      3. tristan says:

        I cant download it. it keeps popping up in notepad form

      4. Random says:

        Could you rebind the aim key, so that the G key is the one that aims? J is kinda awkward to reach.

        1. Wampus Cat says:

          you can edit the file ending in .txt to change from J to G there are two files, .psy and .txt open the text file and edit J to G.

      5. Gamer says:

        I down loaded it, moved it to the correct file (the one under “res mods” then “9.15.1” fired up the game but when i click the g button it just disables voice chat like normal and the middle mouse button (That is the scroll right?) nothing happens. What do i do?

        1. harry says:

          im having the same problem, ive been trying for 20mins to get it running.

        2. greedwarrior says:

          J key not G

        3. king says:

          can you give me the link plz

      6. king says:

        give me the link plz

      7. Frawg says:

        No it isnt

      8. FUCk u says:

        Why put a virus ? when some people are desperately searching for Mod.

      9. gigi says:

        WHERE IS THE DAMN MOD !!!!!!!!!!

    2. Joe says:

      Is your 16 year old sister legal?

    3. Andreja says:

      Yes,it is cause wg wont act on that..

    4. gfgf says:

      i dont see any police or heard someone go to jail…

    5. FUCk u says:

      Guys don’t download it .It’s full of Virus and also it didn’t work.

      1. abush635 says:

        You’re dumb. And the G key is now changed to J key

    6. Zexe says:

      Update mode pls

    7. Hayseed says:

      I got news for you Reven86 if you think i’m paying you for a battle assist mod that i’ve been using for free for 4 years you got another think coming ,IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN !! not spending any more money on this game after they neutered us arty …

  1. Digb8t says:

    Can I have a step by step Instruction on how to install battle_assistant_0_9_4_ with pictures for dumbie’s like me cause I can’t get it to work ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  2. dogb8t says:

    Can I have a step by step Instruction on how to install battle_assistant_0_9_4_ with pictures for dumbie’s like me cause I can’t get it to work ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ????????????

    1. prophetx says:

      “Unpack the archive into the game folder”

      follow this….unpack……the arhive…..into….THE GAME FOLDER (world of tanks…maybe you have the game installed in C:…or in D:…go there and replace your res_mods from that folder with res_mods from arhive…)

      1. gimme-a-gobble-with-ur-ass-cheeks says:

        We do ‘love’ a smart-ass. People ask for help and this butt pucker opens his shithole. Good job making people feel good about themselves. How about next time, instead of talking shit, you eat shit . Ya fannybaws!!

      2. jake says:

        the short vid on how to install is BRUTAL. He calls things the wrong names, clicks on things that he doesn’t explain and is switching folders like a madman. TERRIBLE.
        I already have a res_mods folder with XVM so his comment of “just delete everything in that folder” makes no sense.

    2. Brujah85 says:

      If you have other mods installed, just copy the content from folder battle_assistant_0.9.6_updated / 0.9.6 / scripts / client / mods to -> folder res_mods / 0.9.6 / scripts / client / mods that you already have in your game folder

  3. Ubojica04 says:

    can you shoot the video how to install this mod, put it on youtube and give a link? please

  4. Daumantuks1999LOL says:

    Is it legal ?? Say true !!

    1. TheDanishBacon says:

      Its 100% legal. The mod won the contest for best mod on the RU cluster. And WG in the EU and US have announced that they are not gonna take any actions against this mod. So you are safe

  5. Artischoke says:

    I think arti players will love this and tankers esp. slow tankers will hate it. But my question is I have installed it and works fine except I cant get back to normal mode, G key works or shift to switch from topdown to your view but I cant get back to drive around or fire TD style, plz help.

  6. Jeffrey Thomas says:

    Can I have a step by step Instruction on how to install battle_assistant_0_9_4_ . Not sure if it will work with Windows 8.1

      1. Matt teo says:

        mine worked on win8.1

  7. Leumas says:

    Wonderful mod! Helped me get back into arty. Its just so much better with this mod.

  8. Steve says:

    I cant get it work either, unziped and where it is supposed to be

  9. rene says:

    installed like posted, doesnt work… maybe a bit more explaining on how and what exactly to do?

  10. Steve says:

    so I guess no one wants to help, see wtf is wrong here

  11. rad says:

    can some one help me?
    is 9.5 pack of this mod comes?
    how can i dl it?

  12. petoetie says:

    thanks for the update to 0.9.5 but i guess the download-link is missing

  13. I love battle assistant but i do not see the download button. And it is legal.

  14. barrilitos says:

    there is no download link for the 9.5 update

  15. Henry says:

    Who do I report bugs in this mod to? There is a bug where if you are using the alt view mode and go over a high terrain item like a mountain it rebounds the view to the side of your SPG vehicle.

    1. ReG says:

      because you would hit said mountain with your shell ,duh

  16. Enrique says:

    Download link? i might just be stupid but i can’t find it.

      1. RackMaster says:

        its not

  17. ZT205 says:

    Where is the actual link to download the 9.5 version of the mod?

  18. skreshko says:

    Why i can’t see the download link ?

  19. Ricky says:

    no download link?

  20. slave says:

    there is not button 2 download it!

  21. 123123fassa says:

    Cant download, there is no button to download

    1. admin says:

      Already added a link

  22. Heata says:

    Where is the download link?

    1. tbro says:

      works amazingly love this mod

    2. Tanker says:

      I was just thinking the same thing…

  23. Vs says:

    Why is the download url always so fucking difficult to find…

  24. sebastian says:

    where do i download????

  25. sebastian says:

    and if i download it from a diff site, can it be activated the same way?

  26. addi says:

    where is the download link?

    1. admin says:

      Already added a link

      1. Radu says:

        where the hell is your link? it is nowhere to be found on your page , as of august 8th, 2016 , 20:53 Central European Time.

      2. Mihael says:

        where it is!? Are you fucking with us?

  27. Tanker says:

    Where is the download button? All I see is a ton of fake Google ads download buttons.

  28. sony_frey says:

    how can i download it ?

    1. admin says:

      Already added a link

      1. ante says:

        no there is NO LINK!

        1. BBlinker says:

          Still trying to make it work with new code , I bet.

  29. beez says:

    there is no link for download ?

  30. duck dodgers says:

    is there a patch for 9.5 for this mod?

  31. milan says:

    it doesnt work.can not be unpacked

    1. FrankC says:

      I confirm, cannot unpack the .zip file.

  32. Enrique says:

    Thank You

  33. Zack says:

    it doesn’t work

  34. mikeldj says:

    hi i like the mod execpt one thing :how do you return to a normal point of view (the one when we start a battle) ??
    i can’t do it and it’s pretty annoying when you have to relocate …

    thanks for answer ! 😉

    1. Phox says:

      I would like to know this too… Very frustrating when you get a tank that comes up on you and you can’t get a proper aim on them…. first person view doesn’t work for close up shots and aerial view is hard to work with.

  35. zavion says:

    Look for this section for the link……


    Unpack the archive into the game folder. In the folder res_mods / 0.9.5 / scripts / client / mods file is battle_assistant.txt, where you can selectively disable modules and change their settings.


    <>> battle_assistant_0.9.5_1.2.3 (2) (60 Kb)

    Read more https://tanksmod.com/battle-assistant-best-modification/

  36. almere says:

    thanks, great mod. there is just one annying problem. when i switch from normal view to arty view by right clicking on the map i dont get to the location i clicked on, but to the last position i was looking at. and that costs time and is just annoying. can i change it?

  37. Steve says:

    window 8 wont work.

      1. Krasnal says:


  38. Robert says:

    I can not get it to work in 9.5 and windows 8.1 .I must be a real dummy .. author could you download and allow Curse Client to use your mod ?
    It would be greatly appreciated
    Thank You

  39. Flappy says:

    How do I download this to WoT? I downloaded it with the link, but I don’t know how to attach it to world of tanks. I’ve never downloaded a mod before and need help. A lot of it. XD.

  40. Krasnal says:

    How to change the G key on the mouse side?

  41. Karnal says:

    does not work in 9.6

  42. alialifb777 says:


  43. Andrei90000 says:

    Does not work with XVM 🙁 , any ideas plz?

  44. WildOne1985 says:

    Installed today with up-to-date game client and it’s not working. Followed instructions to the t.

  45. Enes03 says:

    How it fonction? I press G and it isn’t fonction…

  46. OFwAlbert_Kerscher says:

    NOT working on 9.6
    if click the G-button, aiming freezed in the normal perspective.
    NO POV-sight.
    no functions = useless in actually wot-version.

  47. Greenbringer says:

    Whenever I hit the G button it blocks my target and I can’t move it until I hit shift again. There is no change in the POV

    1. pipes says:

      The same problem here… it just do not switch to that view 😛 ….it is just stuck
      win XP

  48. Alex says:

    Does not work with 9.6

    Please update it.

    Thank you.

  49. diablo says:

    i have been using this mod for a month now, i think its awesome., but it simply doesnt work with 9.6 patch…some suggestion by admin would be helpful, i guess, ty.

  50. Kielas6 says:

    doesnt work on version 9,6 just tedted today :[

  51. Kielas6 says:

    doesnt work on version 9,6 just tested today :[

  52. Bryan Conner says:

    it is not working correctly on 9.6 for me. When I activate it, it freezes and I can not aim. It never enters the new view mode. I have to exit strategic view in order to aim.

    1. Crushnik says:

      yeah same problem here

    2. tibik says:

      open the battle_assistant .txt , the first SPG let true , other two set to false . save it and enjoy 🙂

      1. Crushnik says:

        battle_assistant_0.9.6_updated (60 Kb)
        Works too 🙂

        Thanks anyway 🙂

  53. .I. says:

    doesnt work on 9.6 please repair it

  54. kappahl says:

    plz UDPADE and FIX for 9.6 as you named the FILE!

  55. Nenad says:

    it is not working correctly on 9.6 it freezes and I cant aim. no G view mode…. anyone?

  56. LtDrakis says:

    Same issue here since installing the 9.6 version. Doesn’t enter view mode and aiming is disabled. Not very helpful :^/

  57. Wilku_666 says:

    it’s true,. it does’nt work on 9.6 version.
    When it will be repaired?

  58. Peter Desk says:

    The same problem here. Also I tried the BA for Wot 9.5 but unfortunately it did not work. Desolé.

  59. tibik says:

    FOR ALL HERE.. the same … open the battle_assistant .txt , the first SPG let true , other two gunner and expert set to false . save it and enjoy 🙂

    1. MattyS says:

      tibik, that doesn’t fix anything…

  60. M_A_X_X says:

    thx a lot – works perfect.

  61. kappahl says:

    works now great for me TY tibik

    1. MattyS says:

      Didn’t change anything for me, still makes it freeze…

  62. LtDrakis says:

    The changes that tibik proposes don’t work for me, but fortunately the new version (battle_assistant_0.9.6_1.2.5-3-1) does. I can see again!;^)

    1. Joeflee says:

      tibik’s solution doesn’t work for me either. When I press G blocks and have to leave aiming mod and can’t see any change before and after the change.

    2. Kou says:

      Neither worked for me.

  63. TAXOPAREI says:

    please repair the mod, did what u tell me and now i cant get into the game !!!

  64. PocketzDK says:

    Would you be able to add a traverse indicator to the mod?

    That would fulfill all the needs I have for an artillery mod.

  65. BL says:

    Working, but fucked up accuracy .

  66. Ccoco says:

    Still not working

  67. Myrdal says:

    have the aiming circle been fixed?

  68. NightmareTX says:

    For Those having trouble with the freezing camera using this mod try this.

    In res_mods -> 0.9.6 -> scripts -> client -> AvatarInputHandler -> DynamicCameras you should have a file named StrategicCamera.pyc. If so, back it up somewhere and destroy the original. This fixed the problem for me.

    This solution is only if you have the file in that folder.

    1. Joeflee says:

      Iupiiiii! It works!
      Thanks NightmareTX.
      MeltyMap’s Math mod was to blame.

    2. Mark says:

      Thank you. It worked.

    3. TSinge says:

      Yup. This is the key for those still having issues!

  69. SpaceRanger1 says:

    I cant get any version of this mod to work with 9.6 and Melty sight mods..with AIO mods as a base. 9.5 work fine …9.6 doesnt please advise???

  70. duran says:

    this mod is not compatibile with other optic mods :/

  71. Possibly Potatos says:

    Anybody know what the “expert:” and “gunner:” options in the config file do?

    1. Possibly Potatoes says:

      That typo though… X|

  72. drtgb says:

    jak se ten mod zapíná???

  73. SpaceRanger1 says:

    Thank you your new update works now with AIO mods and Melty Math mods now!!

  74. Walhalla says:

    The mod is nice but the script is crap and bugged with a lot other scripts!
    Better you use the AdvancedAimScript he have this function incluted and have no problems with any
    other modifications!

  75. mrdoubled says:

    In version 9.7 after shot can’t see trajectory of bullet and explosion of sand/tanks.

    1. ombrel says:

      same here, no explosions, splash or trajectory while using the mod. Any thoughts?

      1. admiral-tempest1 says:

        I have same problem. Hit effect is important for blind shot…

  76. Darca says:

    view areon on minimap is shifted, how to fix it?

  77. badacob says:

    hello awsome mod 🙂 when will it be upgrade to fit the new update

    1. badacob says:

      i got it 🙂 no need too reply

  78. petrkeram says:

    i install 0.9.7 and play wot and this mod isnt not in wot (i pressed G and middle button) why ?

    1. ionspy says:

      You have to press the shift button first to activate WOT sniper mode.

  79. ionspy says:

    Works fine !!! Is it possible to deactivate the middle mouse button and keep only the “G” ?
    Thank you !!!

  80. lurkmoar says:

    doesnt seem to be working for me, when i press g/middle mouse button the view is somehow stuck far above the battlefield looking at surrounding mountains and other out of playfield things and cant move it.

    1. ionspy says:

      Be sure you have a clear path to the target !

  81. saintcannabis says:

    the new 0.9.8 works for me, but after first arty battle there is a ghost image of arty reticle dead center of the screen both in game and in garage thereafter.

  82. redman36 says:

    How do you switch between normal top down and this new view

  83. nymau says:

    change the folder for 9.8.1 because wot is in 9.8.1 version, not 9.8

  84. Forest says:

    Not working with

  85. Hexal says:

    I cannot get this to work for the life of me in 9.8.1. Copied files into res_mods as stated, restarted game, nothing shows up when I press ‘G’ while in aiming mode. I have no other optical mods installed, just Aslains. Any ideas on what I need to do?

  86. Daemon_4 says:

    No working

  87. nimbus says:

    i cannot get the mod to work at all. i unpacked to desktop and replaced the 9.8 folder in the games folder with the one from the downloaded material. I also tried unpacking directly into the games folder and merging the files. still no success. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  88. TANKKI says:

    Not working. Tried copying it to res_mods and nothing happened, tried almost every solution i could find but not working.

  89. Jack says:

    Hi, when ever I am in a tank or arty with this mod the reload timer got screwed up. As in, when I reload my gun it randomly counts down from 8 seconds instead of a reload timer. When the 8 seconds are finished, my gun is still reloading. HELP!!! Also, when I press G in arty sadelite view nothing happens. This mod stuffed up my whole of world of tanks. Should just reinstall the game if I have to…
    Please help people
    Looked all over Internet for answers, but none.

  90. Alex says:

    Hi guy, really…I don’t understand I can install this mod…. v9.9 if unpacking the zip file I can’t find the res_mods folder!!!
    Not the first time I install mods and ALL mods have a res_mods folder included into the zipped file! Explain pls….

    1. Alex says:

      Pls not all together!! very nice website! LOL

    2. Fuck You Alex says:

      Not the first time I install mods and ALL mods have a res_mods folder included into the zipped file! Explain pls….

      Problem you are having is res_mods is the folder the mods go in to. You get given the easiest possible thing to do (the 3 second task of copying a few fucking files instead of actually modifying them) and have become too used to over easy instant rewards for doing nothing and become too retarded to even copy a couple of files.

  91. Alex says:

    my apologies….a problem with my pc didn’t allow me to download properly the file and couldn’t find the res_mods folder…all fine now…thanks…again…sorry! 😉

  92. not work says:

    Not working!!! fail when press shift or g

  93. Fuck You Alex says:


  94. MatroshCZ says:

    It´s a fantastic mod, but it doesn´t work 😛

  95. mccroskey2 says:

    tried multiple times to install, worked eventually. unzip the folder, cut the res_mods folder and drop it into the WoT folder. say “let me choose” then just click the yes in the bottom right. now start the launcher and enjoy the mod.

  96. Roy says:

    Sadly todays micropatch broke it. Everytime I press G it crashes to desktop.

  97. Pzsdt_Schwalbe says:

    hey after login in i cant do anything (since update 9.10)

  98. john says:

    Not working for me with 9.10. Was working with 9.9. Does this require xvm to be installed also?

  99. al says:

    Hi i have installed the mod but don’t work.
    Sorry for my bad english.

  100. Chufty says:

    Just for information WOT 9.10 (EU) will not work with this, just get loading garage forever, remove the mod and WOT loads fine.

    1. Chufty says:

      This is in the Python Log, not sure if it helps.

      ERROR: Traceback (most recent call last):
      ERROR: File "scripts/client/gui/prb_control/dispatcher.py", line 79, in
      ERROR: File "battle_assistant.py", line 42, in EventDispatcher_loadHangar
      ERROR: TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not callable

  101. jelrad says:

    not working

  102. ThesaurusRex says:

    BTW mod worked perfectly for me in the last versions

  103. Joke says:

    Didnt work with 9.10 patch

  104. Razz says:

    As of right now right after 9.10 came to NA servers this mod doesn’t seem to work at all.

  105. Joris says:

    I tried it on the EU server, but can’t get it to work there either :^/

  106. bobbizi says:

    After 0.9.10 its doesn’t work and all vehicle are missing from the bottom,i have to click “Garage” to show them after every battle. I have downloaded the 0.9.10 battle assistant and put it the game folder still not working

  107. Chufty says:

    Test – now works for me (EU), thank you very much.

  108. Razz says:

    Works now thank you, just tested it.

  109. LilGuppy says:

    Curious if you are going to provide a zip file as in the past? Appreciate the efforts in providing this mod. Never had a problem with them in the past, just unable to open a RAR file. Thanks.

    “Artillery adds dignity, to what would otherwise be an ugly brawl”
    – Frederick the Great, king of Germany, 1740 to 1786

  110. Can’t open a .rar file. Why did you change it from zip files. Tried to download a program to open.rar files, but my virus checker immediately blocked it.

  111. Pzsdt_Schwalbe says:

    now its working

  112. maxvo2 says:

    Been playing WoT off and on for a few years. This is the first mod that I’ve tried. So far, only used in team training, but wow! Amazing difference. I have to retrain my art skills a little, but definitely improves the game experience.

    Installation: Below is the process I followed and it worked first time. This may be redundant to some and may help others.
    1) Download the link just above “Related Posts:” For me this file went directly into my Downloads file which I have sorted/arranged by date.
    2) Open (double click) battle-assistant zip file; open res_mods; open 0.9.10; highlight scripts; right click scripts; click Copy.
    3) Open Computer; open local disc (I guess this is your harddrive LOL); open Games; open World_of_Tanks; open res_mods; open 0.9.10; right click on the open window; click Paste. DONE!
    Essentially, Copy and Paste the scripts file into World_of_Tanks/res_mods/0.9.10. I don’t know if the mod will work if you simply C&P into World_of_Tanks/res_mods instead of going one file further to 0.9.10 and I don’t want to try. LOL, GLHF!

  113. alejomgz says:

    a mi me pasa que desde el modo arty normal no se me mueve el punto de mira es desir que el tanque se queda estatico y ademas solo puedo salir del modo de arty adentro de el mod

  114. cingacguk says:

    make this mod for Windows10 plz

  115. tankzzzz says:

    does it work with windows 10 pro ??

  116. Crucifix says:

    This is a cool mod, but it absolutely don’t make you hit better. Rng still rule… 😉

  117. marek sddsadas says:

    hi i use this i think 5 version back but now it dosnt work i dont knew what is bad??

  118. marek sddsadas says:

    ok iam so sory i dont lern i have go w10 🙂 my mistake 🙂 pls rework this mod for W 10 ty .

  119. Crazy Boy18 says:

    It doesn’t work i did everyting like in your video but noting work’s in the game it sel!!!!
    can you pls send a working one

  120. M2S says:

    Is it possible to make this work with something like J1mB0’s crosshair mode to work at the same time? because they are using the files like cameranode.pyf for the mods

  121. robert sorensen says:

    do u need to allow torrents an ur game client

  122. Kawaiphunahele says:

    Thank you for getting this set for 9.12 so fast

  123. Larvalis says:

    The 9.12 version, is placed in the 9.10 folder inside the zip file.

  124. AttilaTheHam says:

    Your two links to download version 9.10 and 9.12, both open the exact same files. Possibly there is a different link required for the 9.12 version?

  125. somebody says:

    9,12 do not work

    Don’t ever get something from this site, they post bogus stuff just to be the first!

  126. Vermusic says:

    I placed the files in 9.10 as said and it wont work…I tried moving them on 9.12 and it works fine 🙂

  127. Supersonic says:

    I am wondering because it said 9.12 test and when i downloaded it it said 9.10 will it actually still works on 9.12??

  128. jeroen says:

    is there a way to change the key shortcut?

  129. Wiking44 says:

    Why is there no zip file? .rar files are a pain in the ass. I like the mod but there is too much BS to get through to download it…including all the CRAP bloatware ads that you have to wade through.

    Make it easier to fucking download dude.

  130. Katsumoto says:

    actually .rar compression is better than .zip, IMHO, and it’s perfectly managed by “7zip” (free software – manage all compression formats).
    Back in topic, this is one of my favourite mods. makes arty a lot more funny to play.
    Just my 2 cents.

  131. bo says:

    i can no larget mark targets or send “follow me” with my shortkey (t) after installing mod
    anyone else has this problem or solution?

    1. bo says:

      ignore this it was a sniper zoom mod that caused this

  132. Paul says:

    Hello admin, is the author identified here? Is it you? Do you know him or his website? I am curious as to the error reporting and things like the changelog. I have (and can recreate) a pretty significant flaw that is detrimental to the player’s game. I will not type out the full steps to produce till I know I am at the right place, but I will mention that it has to do with a glitch or abnormality where the player is using the new zoom mode he comes across the green/red line (shell shot location; not the dynamic accuracy circle) turning red and with the certain steps the user will lose his valuable time that he spent waiting for his gunner to dial in the accuracy.

    This may have been fixed, I am on my way now to test it, but it was happening enough that I momentarily stopped using it.

    Brilliant idea and concept, although I wonder if it may be better to be able to either zoom down to normal level, hit a bump feature just in case the user does not want to go all the way he has a little padding, but once you scroll MW a little more it goes into the angle shot (as opposed to pressing ‘G’)


    if there was some other way to give the red line feature that lets you know you do not have a clear bullet trajectory path that didn’t cause the camera to jump around all crazy if you accidently move your mouse too close to the side of the building or that whatever that certain spot that is about to cause you to lose your unobstructed shot.. idk just something that doesn’t cause the camera spazzout

    AGAIN Thank you for the great work

  133. Sniperz says:

    can we get a zipped folder download?

  134. bkc1965 says:

    How can I change the key to activate from G to F? In the past, I could do this in the mod_battle_assistant.txt file, by changing the Key_G line to Key_F…but this no longer is true. When I change the Key_G to Key_F I still must press G to activate. Any help is very appreciated.

    1. pillevin says:

      I have the same issue, it seems you no longer can change the keybindings by editing the .txt-file, as in previous versions of the mod. It really affects me since I don’t use the standard WASD-setup, rather I have moved it all to DFG + Space , so I need my G-key to turn right.. 😀

      Please help!

  135. KulaczKing says:

    Please explain who one would go about packaging a (rar) file. It doesn’t let me do anything with it.

  136. Wolff956 says:

    Just installed the mod. How is this even legal, out of 10 shots with my newly acquired G.W. tiger I hit 8 targets and killed 5 of those, amazing.
    I opened the RAR file with the windows 10 built in Win-7 tool

  137. Wolff956 says:

    Ok, I have noticed one thing that bugs me, I don’t seem to be able to spot out enemies when in orbital view mode, maybe I am doing something wrong but it works in direct fire mode

  138. tancred says:

    9.13 doesn’t work for me

  139. CptShaft says:

    Dont work for version 9.13…

  140. Reboelje says:

    Dont work for version 9.13

  141. Bob says:

    Anyone having an issue with the g key turning platoon chat on and off when activating the sniper mode? Sniper mode works just fine, but I can’t talk to my platoon mates. Haven’t seen this in any of the other versions, possibly a bug in 9.13? Thanks!!1

  142. josh says:

    I tried downloading the mod from the link

    193 – Battle Assistant FOR 9.13 (60 kb)
    but it said it was unreadable and asked me to select from a list or search the web. I selected select from a list and google chrome. Now whenever i try opening the download file it just brings me to this page. Can you please just do a zip file. They are so simple, just download, copy and paste. We dont need instructions on how to find the resmods folder like in your video above. We need to know how to download the files to put into the resmods folder.

    1. xXThe_white_TigerXx says:

      yes, pls!

  143. Panman says:

    Since this last update to version 1.3.5 I have started being accused of cheating. Apparently the shots all go straight up in the air and then head towards the target. Can this be looked into please?


  144. Tomas says:

    How i can chance mode button ? from G to other? then i play in platoon and press G its disable voice chat :-/ thats annoying

  145. Renee says:

    I have encountered one problem, which never use to happen…might be new patch update. The issue is while in a platoon using an SPG; battle assistant disables voice chat entirely when I use the “G” Key. I can not hear my platoon and they can not hear me either. So; I was wondering if it might be possible to switch the “G” key to maybe an alternate key? The description says the txt file can change settings…I was curious as to how one would go about doing that?

  146. Aaron says:

    After pressing the G key now on patch 9.13 it interferes with communications in a platoon and does not enable me to change the camera i have tried changing the keys to an un-assigned key in WoT and using the middle mouse button it does not work at all please change becuase this is a great mod

    1. frostblade13 says:

      you can also click the mouse wheel to chainge the view

  147. Unknown says:

    *************For those who wants to change the KEYS.**************

    Go to scripts/client/gui/mods
    Look for mod_battle_assistant.txt

    keys: “[Keys.KEY_MOUSE2, Keys.KEY_G]

    Then do whatever you want to try.
    Keys.KEY_MOUSE2 means mouse wheel.
    If you want more keys to be set, follow the original sequence, add ” , ” to separate.

    1. Alem says:

      Can someone help me

      i need update so what I need to do

  148. sareoun says:

    Thank you sssssssooooooo muchhhhhh

  149. Gkorps says:

    Doesn t work, there’s only a scripts folder in the archive and it doesn t do shit in game after i copy it…

  150. anl4 says:

    does it work with jimbo crosshair mod?

    1. night says:

      it doesnt work now

    2. Erdi says:

      IT’s Not working With SOLO Mod Patch ( With Other Mods…) …

      :(((( fix it plzzzzzzzz

  151. xXThe_white_TigerXx says:

    If i download the it i just get a .rar file and not a .zip file. pls help me Dx

  152. tits says:

    Thanks for ones marvelous posting! I actually enjoyed
    reading it, you are a great author. I will always bookmark
    your blog and definitely will come back at some point.

    I want to encourage one to continue your great posts, have a nice holiday

  153. Hanyu says:

    There is a bug but looks like a little bit interesting…

  154. Igor says:

    where is a file to download??

  155. tancred says:

    something working for 9.14.1 ?

  156. Peter says:

    Every time I switch between artillery sights, the aiming point is offset by a fraction. Hence, pressing G multiple time will lead to a constant shift of the aiming point towards my position. This issue became obvious the me in 0.9.14.

    To me it seems to be a calculation problem (some fixed offset) in one axis.

    Can anyone confirm this issue?

    (My setting: WoT 0.9.14.(1), client for MAC 1.0.28)

  157. SpaceRanger1 says:

    Why the hell is the updated mod in RUSSIAN????? the same is for the updated mod for the HD dead tanks???????

  158. Erdi says:

    IT’s Not working With SOLO Mod Patch ( With Other Mods…) …

    :(((( fix it plzzzzzzzz

  159. pEEthug says:

    Please post the archive! This exe doesn’t work. The exe must be run in a32bit windows environment- who uses 32bit anymore!?

    1. Cox says:

      i don’t download “exe” files at all as general rule for mod downloads !! its not… well it is cos i don’t trust a “modder” 100% i know they can put bad code in the mod it self, but its my rule don’t download “exe” files.

  160. keithngan162 says:

    i just get battle-assistant.exe
    and when i open it it’s in another language
    what do i do

  161. MTS_Bahamut says:

    This exe don’t work.
    An just a request, but don’t forget to do it in english. Thanks 🙂

  162. AwesomeMan97 says:

    Can we get a working version, I install it but it doesn’t work.

  163. Edouard says:

    I’m on mac. I need the folder with the mod, not an executable. Is it possible ?

    1. Iron23Maiden says:

      Hi Edourd,

      I use mac client too, do you have the link to download the arty mod for mac clients?


  164. XeaKon says:

    It is only in russian. Is there a version in english ?

  165. Nato-Fan says:

    Pls. offer this mod not only as exe-file, but also as “zip-file”, because i don’t trust exe-files. I don’t want to download the mod elsewhere, but i’ll do, if you offer it only as exe-file.

  166. Uffe Mikkelsen says:

    it downloads an exe file, not a zip or any other packed file,it is a program and in a language I do not know what is. it doesn`t allow to install to res_mods folder/ help please. ANYONE PLEASE.

  167. AlphaDogUK says:

    it just downloads a .exe in russian and does nothing, please fix

  168. Trung says:

    I have used this mod for a long time.
    Today while I was playing this mod, suddenly I get in to projectile camera and fly to the enemy for the whole game. But the next match, it became normal again.
    Well, I love that projectile flying mod but I don’t know to switch to it again.
    Could anyone gimme an advise?
    (Bad Eng)

    1. peter says:

      It Change To The “J” key

      1. Trung says:

        Really? Trying this now! THANKS 🙂

  169. JS says:

    When I click on the Download it wants me to download a 700kb EXE file.
    Where is the proper download ?

    1. DW says:

      There is no way I am going to download an EXE file.

  170. Trung says:

    Okay guys I have found out that if you hold the ALT key and shoot, you will get in the projectile’s camera!

  171. iNoScoped says:

    I can’t seem to get it to work :/
    I have installed the program and I have put the script files in the correct location, could somebody tell me why the mod isn’t working?

    1. Nabes says:

      Make sure that the installation path is “…./World of Tanks/res_mods/9.14.1/”

      Just remember that the activation key in-game is “G” by default.

      1. Nabes says:

        Update, they changed it into “J”. You can change the settings on the notepad inside the mod itself.

  172. Sareourn says:

    It really good forever love it so much it work good

  173. Ranger772 says:

    Not working in I’m running J1mb0’s reticle and XVM with it.

  174. cagm0707 says:

    Not working in

  175. cagm0707 says:

    OK, it does work. As noted above, use the “J” key instead of the “G” key. My apologies. Excellent mod!

  176. touya says:

    not work in 9.15.1 test serve

  177. nik says:

    The mod doesn’t work. I did all the things i needed to do and it still wont work. please fix

  178. SomeDude says:

    not working in 9.15.1 🙁

    1. OilerPensfan94 says:

      There should be a file in the World of Tanks game folder on your computer called “scripts”. Move it to the res_mods folder, then to the folder.

      It should work then.

      1. Brison says:

        Still doesn’t work there

  179. MikeMoen says:

    Concerning it not working with the 9.15.1 version of the game, I just took the last version of this mod I had, (which was for WoT 9.14), and just moved it all over to the 9.15.1 res mods folder, and the mod started working.

  180. sam says:

    I put “scripts” in 0.9.15 and I still can’t get it work , did I do something wrong ? I’m palying in asia sever

  181. k4l1n says:

    I have a problem, and it’s confirmed that it occurs thanks to this particular mod and nothing else. When I enter a battle, and sometimes when I change screens in the garage, some pixels refresh with a delay, creating a ghosting effect. Please try to fix it, I can’t stand this. Aside from that, the mod is a jewel. Thanks!

  182. k4l1n says:

    I managed to capture the issue, you have the link to the video here:
    It’s near the 6th second. Again, thank you!

  183. Brison says:

    This mod look cool but im wasting hours trying to put it on the bloody game so i can use it. This was a waste of my time trying to get it to work. I strongly encourage no one to downlaod this. It’s just so stressful getting this mod to work.

    1. The Anti-Shitter says:

      Idiot. There has been a massive update to the script language used by WoT. Mods from the previous version of ActionScript are in general no longer usable. It is going to take the mod community a couple of weeks to get back to normal and updated.

      Also, if you cannot get a simple copy/paste action right I would suggest not playing a game more complex than Pong.

  184. zarthalas says:

    It works in 19.5.1 but it is making the different views glitchy. It might be just making the game itself wonky tho as the actual sniper view is fine…..The aiming reticule is “shaky” and the green square top down view box doesn’t resize and makes top down view unusable.

    1. nose says:

      also, when youre in battle assist mode, if you look at the view reticle on the minimap, it’s about 1/2 the distance to where the object really is.

      1. D-wide says:

        Agree, it’s really annoying. any fix?

  185. Silentfear says:

    I had this mod working yesterday (27th jul),but today it no longer works…

    any ideas please chaps?

  186. ed says:

    Never play a clicker without this mod 😀 much better than the rubbish top down view

  187. fusionevo says:

    not working for me last 2days

  188. wolff956 says:

    Same issue here, been away for a month or so, come back update and now i can’t get XVM or BSA to work

  189. NuclearOnions says:

    I deleted my patch folder by mistake. What do i do?

  190. skiller7000 says:

    For me the default setting is “J” and Middle mouse button

  191. Roberto says:

    Link is missing

  192. Shaiku says:

    no dl link

  193. mlepa84 says:

    no download link!!!

  194. greedwarrior says:

    where is download link ?

  195. jordo says:

    where the fuck is download link im sick of clicking all the fake ones

  196. OilerPensfan94 says:

    Download link please?

  197. Kaser2003 says:

    where is the link ????????????????

  198. Daveo1996 says:

    Where is download link?

  199. king says:

    where the hell is the link plz where is it

  200. Icemarsoc says:

    ya i cant see it
    all i see is the 60KB no link

  201. Jim says:

    where is the download link?

  202. Vader108 says:

    Where is the file to download?

  203. YUJI says:

    there isn’t link to downroad. what happen?

  204. Curtis W Brown says:

    The download file is missing from the website. Is there a problem?

  205. AGSHLLB says:


  206. Pigo1973 says:

    No download link… pls fix.


  207. NoDownloadLink says:

    Please fix, no download link

  208. JP says:

    Hey guys, you can donwload this mod on other sites.
    google it.

    1. Chuck Manson says:

      Nope, out of date. Needs to be

  209. fantoms says:

    There is no download link.

  210. Alienation says:

    There is no link as of 13-aug-2016 07:25 EST

  211. Bjostu says:

    For those who complain about the missing download link, here’s a solution: copy the “Scripts” file you have in your previous res-mods update( i.e., it’ll work fine.

  212. agshllb says:

    Did it work for you, REALLY?

  213. JP says:

    You can download latest version (1.3.7) at here.

  214. Aukward says:

    I dont see a download link!

  215. SushiHunter says:

    Link is missing, please fix

  216. SpaceRanger1 says:

    They still haven’t changed the “G” key.. It has it has “J”…Change to “G” and save before you put into your res_mod folder

    1. igor says:

      Thanks man for download link. The autor of this website is irresponsible kiddo…

  217. herpdedurr says:

    Link is missing.

  218. MM1984SRB says:

    No download link. Repair please.

  219. Qba says:


  220. Fafo says:

    There is no download link :/

  221. blabla says:

    where is the download link?
    hello? admin? are you there?

  222. GNYBGN says:

    LINK ????

  223. Udeafkarakter says:

    LOL drowned in malware. No REAL download lin in sight…

    1. RackMaster says:

      download wont work there isn’t any link for it

  224. QQgg says:

    Still no Download link? When is it going to be ready?

  225. MasterXRomania says:

    i cant dowload

  226. oganj2000 says:

    hello, is there anybody in the house ?

  227. erish says:


  228. Game player says:

    the link is not there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  229. wpierdol says:

    Can you put the download link in? its not there

  230. OtakuMan97 says:

    What happened? there’s no link….

  231. pet0etie says:

    is it possible in version 9.15.2 that u can’t see the launched bullet ?

  232. craigmyle says:

    No “Download” link.
    Fix FFS…

  233. x2strong says:

    no dowload is this site dead?

  234. Alan says:


    Your work is appreciated.

  235. Adli says:

    Hai,can you help me about how to install this mod?

  236. Andy says:

    No reload timer in 0.9.16. Otherwise Good work thxs

  237. AR says:

    if you can’t download it copy and paste your old scripts file from into 0.9.16

  238. raik1991 says:

    any chance you can change the key binding in this mod… if i try to do it it say the file is used by a process…

  239. rowBuhahNo says:

    Could someone explain what the CommandersCamera, expert, and gunner tags do? I haven’t done any comparisons, but I’m too lazy to compare them myself.

  240. Edge says:

    Not working properly for 9.16. I “installed” the mod only to have the game fail to work properly. The aiming reticle freezes up in sniper mode. I had the game completely freeze in a mix of normal sniper and your 3rd person view where I couldn’t move the aiming spot, change out of sniper mode to drive, nothing. After starting to back out of the battle and then not taking the possible penalty I couldn’t even get the game menu to pop up again to go back to my garage once I was killed. And had to force stop the game.

  241. Teekiez says:

    For me it works in 9.16.
    I have a question about changing the key binding. I want to change the keybind to left shift. When I change “[Keys.KEY_MOUSE2, Keys.KEY_J]” to “[Keys.KEY_LSHIFT]” in the ‘mod_battle_assistant.txt’ file, it only works with middle mouse, not J or Left Shift. Is ‘Keys.KEY_LSHIFT’ the correct command for the left shift keybind? Should I be doing it differently?

    1. Teekiez says:

      Nvm. Works when I change it to “[Keys.KEY_LSHIFT, Keys.KEY_J]”

  242. John says:

    9.16 Game crashing all the time in arty view with the mod. Had to delete it. Needs a better version.

  243. Roger Brooks says:

    The mod is not working, I think there is something wrong with wargameings key binds. I’ve tried every key reprograming my mouse changeing keys in game and nothing is working.

  244. AngerManagament4U says:

    Not working for me anymore .. need new version..

  245. Andrei1007 says:

    What bùtton you need to prees for first peraon at projectile wjen you fire with this mod ?

    1. ginodino says:

      Press G key.

  246. RB says:

    well I used to use your mod, but tired of it not working, what ever you did to update it sucks and nothing works, I’v followed all you instructions, have tried changeing all the keys and well your mod nolonger works
    as I don’t think you even care if it works or not. Uninstalled..

  247. korosh says:

    Thank you very very very very very very much ADMINN 😀
    this mod very nice
    this mod is the best mod

  248. 27310 says:

    is possible to change bind (g) i want for example mouse 5 etc

    if yes reply please thanks in advance

    1. Immortal says:

      Sure , open this directory C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.9.16\scripts\client\gui\mods , then find text document mod_battle_assistant and open it with notepad

    2. rowBuhahNo says:

      If I understand correctly, you want to use one of the side buttons on the mouse, right? If that’s the case, the correct syntax for keybinding is ‘Keys.KEY_MOUSE5’. I use the same button on mine.

      For any other buttons, replace the number with a different one.
      LMB = 0, RMB = 1, MMB = 2, Nav Back = 4.

  249. Immortal says:

    Hello , dear admin ,
    I was trying to make this mode to be working , but didnt made it :-< .. well did everything right , not that you could do something wrong just pasted the files to the res mod directory . OK now the question , could it be that the arty view isn't working cause some of my other mods ? or do i have to allow smthg in game options ?

    Thanks for a reply , Have a nice day .


  250. jul says:

    Marvellous, its a legal mod who wg say we cant put in program but its a marvelous mod.

    Of course the last version installer = virus , malware , change hosts files in system32/drivers/etc/hosts

    add 2 web link and change searchmotor in google + add page on movieddl.com do not DDL this its a pure shit

  251. Timothy says:

    I cant get this to work for 9.17 update, i did it for 9.16. any help would be appreciated.

  252. rowBuhahNo says:

    This is by far one of the best artillery mods I have found. There’s nothing about it to make it illegal. It just gives you a new camera angle with the option to set the switch to whatever key you want. There are a couple of drawbacks which I have found, though. Using the new camera angle on targets at close range is difficult and hard to aim accurately. Also, it would be nice to see some English descriptions in the mod’s .txt file. The Russian translation is not entirely comprehensible.

  253. Jabulin says:

    This is my favorite mod but it isnt working for 9.17 🙁 becouse when i download it i dont see the folder with the mods only some thing that dindnt work please help me 🙂 i want this mod 😛

  254. MrKaboom says:

    Don’t work because it’s not folder.
    It’s only .rar file.
    Pls fix this.

    1. Timothy says:

      same happened to me, i asked a few players in game, they said its working for them and all. so idk

  255. alan says:

    ALL the mods are RAR or ZIP files that you have to unrar with Winrar program, you stupid bitch. And B.A. has only 2 files inside- one is .pyc type and the other is .txt configuration.

    1. Timothy says:

      A little brash, but helpful lol

  256. albert says:

    prosze O wgranie tego moda

  257. Tom says:

    ok i downloaded the file… extracted the file…and i put the file in the res mod file in the WOT file…Its not working… any thoughts here?

    1. Billy says:

      Having the same issue.

  258. KnollDSG says:

    Love the mod, I am now very good at arty aiming thanks to it. Please continue making it for new versions and I will continue downloading it!

    1. rb says:

      don’t bother, the mod is broken as it has been for the last 4-5 updates, none of the keys work no mater how many times you change them.nothing gets done, auther does’t care, used to be my fave mod. now it is useless.

  259. Beo says:

    i tried several times to install battle assistance, but it wont work, my son also tried. can . is there a new update site? Thanks. I guess i need install directions for dummies

  260. max says:

    After I open the .txt thing I Change the Key from Key_J to Key_G.

    I open the game and it doesn’t work. I press the G key a million times and it still does not work. Please help me here, I need a step by step description.

  261. jazz says:

    hi i did exacly like in video and its stil not working way ?

  262. Titania says:

    Okay. I downloaded the file. I put the file in my WoT game file. Battle Assistant doesn’t work. Am I doing something wrong?

  263. random wizard says:

    If you mod “isn’t working”, double check to make sure you unpacked the archive into the “res_mods” folder; NOT main directory or “mods”.

    Confirmed to work on 9.17.1

    1. Wingnut says:

      Installed mod into the res_mod folder, did not work. Is there a different key than the G key, or does it not work on English servers?

      1. Wingnut says:

        Was set for the “J” key, not the “G” key. Mod works perfect.
        Thanks for the great mod!

      2. Stefkec_YOUTUBE says:

        pres scroll button, or j, if that dont wotk press another button`s

  264. Tommekk80 says:

    Yes, work on 9.17.1.

  265. unknown says:

    Don’t post it with a [9.17.1] tag if the download for it isn’t even out yet, idiot.

    1. 123 says:

      it works on on 9.17.1 but little lags while moveing art

  266. Headline200 says:

    When do you release the mod please anserw so i can die in peace

  267. A.Š says:

    I need this mode (9.17.1 Battle Assistant v.1.3.9) ASAP

    1. Headline200 says:

      I have been wating for 3 weeks still no upload yet !!

  268. Dominiik69 says:

    Kiedy bedzie dostepną wersja na 9.17.1?

  269. headline200 says:

    when do you realise the fuking mod its been to long

  270. Plyffer says:

    comments like this: “when do you realise the fuking mod its been” must really motivate them not to make any more updates

  271. openkenken says:

    this mod work 9.17.1

    1. A.Š says:

      where you found this mode?

  272. RANDOM says:

    PLS 9.17.1!!!!!

  273. veljko says:

    this mod didnt work

    1. random wizard says:

      “this mod didnt work”

      It 100% WORKS in the latest(9.17.1) version just fine even if it hasn’t been updated.

      Check you have installed in the right place. Also the actual toggle key in the actual script is set to J and NOT G and has been for a while. Pressing middle mouse works as before thought. Make sure you enable the artillery aiming before pressing J or middle mouse to make sure it toggles the view.

  274. JEbaniec says:

    don’t work u …….

  275. Imperical says:

    Not working

  276. Fred B says:

    it works with
    I deleted all previous mod folders so all I had was one folder under mod res called and I placed the script folder in there just as he shows in the video above. I assume the video is now rather old as I did not need to export or unzip after downloading it, it just opened automatically so I could drag and drop the script folder from my downloads folder to the mod res folder. Yes his description is wrong in that it is the J key which activates the view, not the G key. But clicking the middle mouse “button” worked instead anyway

  277. Lukyan says:

    Do u have to restart the game after the download?

  278. Enderclaw8 says:

    When will 9.17.1 come out?

  279. random wizard says:

    The current version works for 9.17.1

    Just press J after first enabling artillery view.

    1. Enderclaw8 says:

      It doesn’t work for me

  280. jebac battle asistenta says:

    Define SOON?!Q?!?!?

  281. DJ says:

    This version is “almost” working 🙁
    It has lags when u zoom in “G” or “J” mode, so will wait for proper version for 9.17.1
    Maybe works some people but for me is useless 🙁

  282. civo says:

    why is there no arty mod after 3 weeks ?

    1. random wizard says:

      Because the version currently out works just fine if you bother reading a couple of comments.

  283. Jobzuve says:

    not working at all. Changed J to G but nothing. All 2 files places where is should be…

    1. random wizard says:

      Stop saying it isn’t working. tested now again on 1/4/17 and it works just fine.

  284. sedra says:

    where is download link?

    1. random wizard says:

      click on “[] Battle Assistant v.1.3.9”-named link in the mod description and install it to according to instructions except in current versions folder.

  285. unknown says:

    When will there be a download to the new version for 9.17.1?!

  286. dick says:

    9.18 is almost here. You feel like updating this so we can use it for 9.17.1? Or are you done giving fucks about this project.

    1. random wizard says:

      “9.18 is almost here. You feel like updating this so we can use it for 9.17.1? ”

      the current version out works perfectly fine for 9.17.1
      stop complaining and work it out at your end

  287. klicker bot says:

    does not work for me 😮

  288. klicker bot says:

    blyat, on middle mouse button , it works

    but who need this in middle

  289. jebac battle asistenta says:

    9.18 is crap! Why did you change zoom with this stupid going in and out of scope. previus where better and I’m thinking of uninstalling mod

  290. jebac battle asistenta says:

    only god thing is that you left garage as is

  291. holywalker says:

    This mod now breaks WOT When i tried to reinstall this mod it causes WOT to crash right before going to server sign-in screen.

  292. navi says:

    when will the 9.18 version be released?

  293. BEST_ARTY says:

    WOT 9.18 already got this included, so this mod has reach his end, any way was fun in his era.

    1. MikeJames says:

      Umm no 9.18 includes a MUCH worse half baked version of this idea. Completely crap.

      1. mateixo5 says:

        szeretném ezt a modot mert ezzel jobban birnám használni a önjárólövegekrt

  294. Jammer397 says:

    Will this be updated for 9.18?

    1. Rujuk says:

      WG made there own version, that means it renders this mod eligal

      1. Law of Iron Rice Bowls says:

        Sure, take lawyerly advice from the muppet who can’t spell illegal. ^^^^

        WG’s version isn’t as good, we could still use a version 9.18 Battle Assistant please.
        Thank you.

  295. Limeniks says:


  296. tester says:

    no working with win10 update wot 9.18…
    WOT close when put BA to res mod folder..
    any fix?

    1. Arthur says:

      Yeah the WOT version is crap. This battle assistant doesnt work now :/

  297. Abuzer says:

    I think mod is not working, because angle is the same as original (without mode). Some weird angle, not too high not too low, in the middle. Cannot play this mod, previous was better.

    1. Lucas says:

      Previously we had BA aimer accessible at J key. Right now that key is not working.

  298. Lucas says:

    You need to unpack the zip file directly into the game folder.
    Then run the game. On the right side there will be a box saying that BA is not activated with a link to the activation site:
    which you can access after logging into your WG account.
    From version 9.18 on the BA activation is required every 7 days (free) or for more time when paid.
    I couldn’t log into WG account via IE but succeeded via Chrome. The good, old BA view is accessible via G key, not J as before. Cheers!

    1. slaw says:

      WoT 9.18 Win10 + BA = just don’t work at all
      properly installed and activated and nothing ;-(
      G and MB don’t activate BA

  299. DeathByDribbling says:

    It only works if you bind the wargaming version to G/MB then when you press button for that battle assistant works instead. If you rebind the wargaming arty view buttons it doesn’t work and you just get the wargaming version.

    1. SLAW says:

      THX a lot. It’s working now 😉

  300. metanephros says:

    is there a working version for 9.19 ?

  301. Jeffrey Renz says:

    BA is causing crash to desktop in 19.1.1

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  309. Plumed_serpent says:

    info about expired activation doesnt work properly, he has delay. Hard to recognise before first battle.

  310. bo mosaa says:

    folloing the shells this what im looking for 🙂

    1. TrollerK48 says:

      is it still can following the shell ?

  311. This excellent website definitely has all the info I wanted concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

  312. Butch Cassidy says:

    This doesn’t look any different than the games built-in “G” mode.

    1. Xarge says:

      The built-in is trippy and moves alot.

  313. Plumed_serpent says:

    I have suspicion that wg manipulates with arty aiming and shell’s trajectory. No RNG, simple intentional bug or manipulation. (Try to play more days to check it.)

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  317. Kent17 says:

    does this mod still works? or have war gaming banned it?

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