Barrie’s modpack for WoT


Barrie's modpack

Meet, small, informative ModPak from player NewKidsBarrie

In ModPak included ten best mods:

Including zoom out mod
Xft damagepanel 
Received Damage Announcer v2.4
Jingles Voicemod
DMSound  (instead of Locastans UT voice Gen2)
30x 10lvl Smooth Scope Zoom 95 by Artasan
Lagindicator mod
Sessionstatistic by Locastan

– If you already have other mods installed, make a backup of them, the modpack can overwrite some elements!!!
– Make sure you have a backup of the files in Game_Directory\res\audio: ingame_voice.fev and ingame_voice.fsb.
– If you want the gun sounds mod, make a backup of all the files in your Game_Directory\res\audio.
– The easiest way to find this files back is to make a audio backup folder in your Game_Directory\res folder.
– Open the modpack, you will see 2 folders: res and res_mods, and the 2 manuals (English and Dutch).
– Copy the files in res\audio into Game_Directory\res\audio.
(- ingame_voice.fev and ingame_voice.fsb <— this is the Jingles voicepack, don’t copy these files if you dont want to have the voicepack.)
– Copy the folders in res_mods into Game_Directory\res_mods, if your pc asks you if you want to overwrite certain files, click yes.
– Go to, log in with your WoT account and activate your statistics.
– Launch your game, and enjoy the changes!


Barrie’s modpack (24 Mb)

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