Available Common Test 9.17.1

While we were update for new micropatch already was out common test for patch 9.17.1. The new update requires many changes:
1.Will change Interface:
– Ability to display two tapes of damage by two tanks at the same time
– Add new tape “The damage from the fall”
2. Changes the damage indicator
3. Add the new German tanks:
– Pz.Kpfw. VII
– Moved Maus
– Mäuschen
– VK 100.01 (P)
4. More than 20 tanks in HD-quality
5. For Supertest testing added:
– STRV 81;
– Jagdtiger (H);
– T-44-85M;
– T-44-100M;
– Tiger II (H).
6. There will be a change with the Japanese heavy tank guns
7. Add the new features premium appliances
8. New developments with sounds
9. The disappearance of fortified areas and the emergence “offensive”
10. Graphical changes 3 mini-maps
11. Disappearing mode “Game Ladders”


 Common Test 9.17.1

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