Auxilium – the last server, crew, auto installation of equipment, multi-client and others WOT 1.6.1

Assistant mod for World of Tanks is a very useful mod. Indeed, with a relatively small functional set, the benefit from it is very large. Here are a few examples. The tankman is constantly playing on the same server, and when the client is loaded by default, it’s “auto-select”. And the tankman can not transfer it to any of those that are more like for him. But using a modification, it will happen.

The next stage is the hangar. Here there is a return of the crew for the tank, in which the tankmen were last. Now you do not need to manually return the soldiers to your native tank from the training (premium) each time. It became possible to return the removable equipment in automatic mode.

The fighting regime did not remain without attention. There are various graphic useful things that reduce realism (swinging the sight and the like), but increasing fps and less distracting from the situation in the battle.

It became possible to change the distance from the camera to the technique. Due to this, the “third-person” view becomes a “commander’s” camera.

And the most interesting. Almost all parameters of the modification can be changed at the user’s request.

More screenshots:

Auxilium mod

Download Auxilium mod for WOT

Installation Instructions:

  • Run the installer mod
  • Select a folder with the game
  • Select the required options
  • Install Mod


Auxilium-19.12 (100 Kb)

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