[] Autoaim indication+addins

Helo everyone,

This mod is simply indispensable if you use a autoaim mode. It significantly expands and complements its capabilities. In addition, it shows the name and type of the captured target.

Author: Krzysztof_Chodak


Unzip the downloaded archive to the root of the game. Confirm replace.

Download: (0.1MB)

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  1. I used the 9.14 version of this and really liked it. Unfortunately, the 9.15 version caused lots of problems, including crashes to desktop and wot settings/key bindings just not working. I think it needs patching!

  2. Too many bells and whistles with this version. First: Autoaim now imports player stats and the tank name is reflected in color. The bad thing: your teammates who are tomatoes are shown in red and you think that they are an enemy tank. Next problem – mid match crashes. Third problem, it changes my carousel without my permission. Please clean it up. Get it back to the old vanilla snap to auto aim.

    1. I agree with Ranger772 (and the others); A really, really awesome little mod have become a bit bloated and very unrealible in 9.15. I am very sad over this.

  3. The 9.15 version is actually a copy of the author’s modpack and not the vanilla autoaim+. That explains the bells and whistles.

  4. Hey Krzysztof, will you please please make this autoaim snap for the newest version in the simple form as you had it for 9.14? Just the indication and snap, nothing more. I really can’t play without this mod as well as a lot of my friends and clanmates. Thanks!

    1. I feel the same way. Hard to play without this mod–which is the only one I still use. Console WOT autoaim works like this. I’ve never understood why the feature is on console but not PC.

      Please put up a new version of Autoaim indication snapping without anything extra.

  5. If you can turn off everything but autoaim, i’d install his modpack. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

  6. Do we know if this author is still active with mods or the game? Is this mod contained in any of the other mod packs?

    1. I found the same error, but happened when mixed with other addon (the one that shows you on minimap the cannon directions). Check out that.

  7. He´s got no interest to our opinion. He Kidding us, cause he think we´re not adult enough to decide by us own, if we use it or not.
    Poor, it was a good Mod, but i think many Player will went to much more forbidden Mods like Shaytan and co. So blame Krystof for game suspend cause breaking the new policy.

  8. Im trying to get the mod “auto aim plus” for 9.17 NOT an aimbot just the one with the bigger capture range which helps negate my arthritic hands – any ideas please??

    1. It looks like that functionality has been taken out of the mod anyway. You can read the note at the top of the thread here: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/441413-0917-autoaim-indicationaddins-no-autoaim-snapping/

      here is what it says:

      Non EU players have never been able to download it from the EU forums, so many download it here. So, while this page has not been updated with the latest version that will work with 9.17.01, does it really matter if the snapping no longer works? I’m not sure what else the mod does, but I used it for the snapping.

  9. The early Dec 2016 version worked well up until a few days ago. Now even the late Dec version does not work any longer. Are you going to update, or is it over?

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