Aslain’s XVM Mod v01

Hello everyone,
Are you tired of default tank contours, that tells you basically nothing about it, except for the tank contour itself? Try my custom contour icons, with them you’ll not only have a brand new colored and tiered vehicle names but also XVM – which means nice floating dmg numbers, custom health bars and more…. Upd: 23.08.2019

Date of updateAugust 6th, 2019
Actual for the patch1.6.0
Current version01
Size119 MB


icon mod 3 icon mod 1 icon mod Image 20 Image 19 Image 18 Image 17

The mod is in development since WoT’s closed beta back in 2010 and is one of the first icon mods ever created. The purpose of it was to replace ugly, and useless contour icons in favor of colored vehicle names. With my icons, you can have much better battle awareness, than the others players who uses default set. You can identify enemy vehicle class with a blink of an eye, you will never be supriced like you can be with built-in icons.

v1.6.0.2 changelog #01:

  • added contour icons: PogS
  • updated XVM 7.6.4-dev [8444]
  • update Advanced Techtree
  • updated Marks of Excellence Extended v5.01 (has 4 styles now)
  • updated Hawg’s Consumable, Shell & Equipment Informer
  • removed scriptloader pro

Download WOT


how to install

156 Replies to “Aslain’s XVM Mod v01”

    1. po zainstalowaniu modów aslain 9.9 mam problem z odpaleniem gry wyskakuje mi critical error :Game resource path does not exist: ./res_mods/hangar_packages/hangar_premium_v2_1.pkg

      1. widze że chcesz mieć garaż premium, spróbuj to zmienić lub standardowy garaż niech będzie czyli wyłącz ten mod w instalacji

      2. I have good news for those of you that are getting a problem with the new version 9.15.1… just run the integrity check tool https://eu.wargaming…kb/articles/464 and do not install aslains untill newer version is out. That should save you having to reinstall game.

  1. how in the world do you clowns think NKorea manages to distribute malware anyway…. exactly in this way by having all kinds of crap flow along with “useful” or desired software…. just give me the file i need not some shitload of crap to “enhance” my system

  2. any chance of getting an updated clan icon package besides just the top 150? the dates on the ones listed are very old gamewise.. many changed icons and clans.


  3. hi – I get a failure message as res mod 0.9.6 does not exist – is this a matter of the test version?

    renaming the folder does not help



  4. Well, it’s not working at all. Just downloaded(twice) this modpack, and the game won’t start. I have to uninstall whole game to get it work again. There’s no information why it doesn’t work. It just simply won’t start.

  5. I have had to stop using this mod pack.
    just installing it with no options selected will crash the game with not found file errors or just instant crash to desktop.
    I hope it gets sorted out soon because I like the options and how easy it works usually.
    All was fine until I updated to the latest version today.

  6. i just downloaded the 66mb installer chose all my mods in stalled launched game and a warning poped up no 9.7 file exists and I know it was there cause i already played 2 games on 9.7 patch before i stupidly used your BS modpack for the 1st and LAST time it TOATALLY WIPED MY 9.7 FOLDER AND now i have to redownload ALL of the 8 plus gigs of info!!!!! thanks ALOT for your EPIC FAIL!!!

    1. Dude if you had read you’d have seen that the 56mb one is for 9.7 NOT the 66mb file. In the case of yoyr mistake all you had to do was go into the res_mods folder, open 9.6, delete all the contents, rename to 9.7, then download the correct mod files.

    1. Lipcote! Th&#3ta9;s what it was called – was trying to remember it the other day. Want to wear red lippy more regularly and think this might just be the ticket – especially if pizza proof.Have a fab time, lady! xx

  7. Wszystko fajnie tylko jest jeden BARDZ DUŻy problem. Jak włączam autoaima to mnie za przeproszeniem wypierdala z gry nie jedną już bitwę przez to wtopiłem. Coś da się z tym zrobić? bo mod bardzo przydatny niestety nie działający.

  8. i have been lookn for a simple and easy mod and this one is just perfect.
    I intall it in 2min and it works just fine ingame,it doesn need some tweeks but evreyone has his own taste.

  9. Just tried to download the latest version 4.5.1 and was treated to a virus which has destroyed the RAID setup on my SSD boot disks – not happy.

  10. Mi przy wersji 9.9 wyskakuje taki komunikat po zainstalowaniu twoich modów : game resource path does not exist ./res_mods/ I mimo odinstalowania wszystkich twoich modów problem nie znika…
    Masakra jakas… Dziwne ze problem wyskakuje pod poprzednia wersje gry … Nie instaluje wiecej tych twoich modow pierdole juz kiedys tez tak mialem i tylko ponowna instalacja gry pomogla i teraz tez mnie to czeka… gowno jakies

  11. Trying this mod for the first time. Pretty cool. This question has undoubtedly been asked before but not finding it so I’ll ask here(my apologies). I want to change some things in the feature list so do I have to reinstall the whole mod again or is there a way to just go to the list some how and make the changes?

  12. The 9.9 mod seems to not display the Panther 8.8 premium tank in the carousel – I go back to a vanilla setup and it shows up.

  13. I installed that latest update 4.6.2 and thank you for all your hard work by the way. On the last 9.9 mod pack my sound mods seemed different or better. Cant remember if these are the same sound mods or will other options be forth coming? Thanks again

  14. many Tank names dosent show up its annoying how to fix this??? and its not jsut new tanks im talking about amx 13 90 13 95 m3 stuart etc

  15. Chance to Win is not displaying. I have XVM Settings on and do not have any of the fields in and of my code?????? Where to look?

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  17. Od jakiegoś czasu jest taki problem. Po zainstalowaniu modów i wejściu do bitwy nie widać czołgów na minimapie. Nie wiem czy tylko ja mam taki problem? Czym to może być spowodowane? Wcześniej takiego problemu nie miałem.

  18. Witam po zainstalowaniu modów nie raz nie chce wejść do bitwy i teraz moje pytanie jest takie czy można jakoś edytować paczkę modów. Wyłączyć te co nie potrzebne czy coś takiego.

  19. Hi.

    on every player I only see personalrating and not the WN8 value? but in the photos here it shows wn8. how do I change this?

  20. LIpa zawsze używałem tych modow ale paczka 9.14 porazka. Gra mi sie niewczytuje, probowałem juz wszystkiego :(. Czekam na aktualizacje

  21. zainstalowałem mody z:
    XVM Mod + ModPack Instalator v9.14.04 Aslain użytkownika (102 MB)
    Problem polega na tym że nie mogę nikogo zaprosić do plutonu i odebrać zaproszenie w trakcie bitwy.
    Co mam zaznaczyć/odznaczyć podczas instalowania ?
    Z góry dziękuje 🙂

  22. After installing the mod-pack with absolutely zero sound modifications selected, I’m getting all kinds of extra sounds that play when I’m spotted and when I take module damage. Is this a bug? How can I turn this off?

  23. i recently installed latest version of mod pack but unfortunately game crashes when i starting it. ERROR : Game source path does not exist : ./res_mods/

    please help ?!
    even after uninstalling mod error keeps showing.

  24. Downloaded the mod pack for 9.14 it gives error in garuage ” updating vehicles ” how do i fix ?

  25. Mate when you try to download new version it only downloads 2.5 mb od 108 mb….cant install and WOT crashes…….

  26. Hello when i tried to use the latest up date for your mod pack it works just fine but when i go into a battle i fail to load into the game and get stuck at the loading screen then it usually crashes.

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  28. Its working well but for some reason in all other xvm´s I have wn8 or what it is around 1300 points .. in this modpack I have like 6000+. Why there arent numbers like in all other xvms ?

  29. hi aslain i would like wn8 to be shown in battle result menu can you plz add this then this pack is complete for me hate to manual install it every time ty

  30. NOPE I cant get the mod to work at all. tried several times including deleting everything in the directory.

  31. Po zainstalowaniu paczki nie uruchamia się gra 1 opcja instalcji z paczki

    game resource path does not exist:

    2 opcja bez xvm mody sie instalują i nie działają w grze

  32. Love your mods, but can no longer use. Takes forever to do anything, took me almost 9 minutes just to delete the file off my desktop. What did you do different this time?

  33. Aslan can you please upload your mods as before – that 110Mb mod pack. It would be great if you did, beacuse i have problems with these mods. Thank you.

  34. The part that changes the desgin of the minimaps for Pslien it showing Paris map might want to look into that but thought you would like to know there Aslain

  35. Witka

    Po zainstalowaniu paczki modów nie mogę wejść do gry ….

    po prześjciu do logowania w połowie paska wywala grę i nic

  36. Kiedy po wielkich trudach udało mi śie zainstalowac mody i uruchomić grę …. to kiedy gram artylerią
    blokuje mi całą grę kiedy włacze tryb artyleryjski ….. w dupę z takimi modami ….. nikt nie czyta postów pod spodem

  37. This is not Aslain for WOT 9.17, only for Common Test and simply XVM, where is “… floating dmg numbers, custom health bars and more …” ?!!! Lies !

  38. game recource path does not exisits, after installing mods. 09.17.0 do i remove the whole game or what? game wont lunch, removed mods, still the same

  39. The mode pack has failed. In the garage when I press to the development button and open a tank and press the prewiev button the game unload. whithout the mode pack everything is OK.

  40. Hi. I got the pack and i thank you for it. Just one thing.. it is possible to tell me from where did you get the girls pictures from battle loading screen? One of the girls looks like my ex gf twin and im very curious about her name.

  41. Nie polecam tego XVM. Twórca tej modyfikacji powinien chyba zmienić branżę. Po jednorazowym zainstalowaniu XVM gra co kilka bitew gra sama się wyłącza już nie wspominając ile śmieciowych plików tworzy się w folderze z grą… XVM jest totalnie nieprzejrzysty oraz dosłownie razi w oczy informacjami w nim zawartymi…

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