Anfield’s Mod Pack v1.1 [9.15]

Mod Pack by Anfield’s for World of Tanks 9.15

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Mod List:
Locastans: Minimap, Service Record, Tank Carousel
My Aiming Reticle
Scope Shadow Remover
Zoidberg Sixth Sense
Berlin Garage Mod
Zoom out mod
Damage Taken Indicator
Damage Dealt Indicator
Games Played Messenger (the bottom right battle info with calculated win rates ect)




– WN8 fully implemented (other than color blind as I can’t edit colors yet on wn8). Colors are now representative of WN8 and not WN7
– Added 30x extra sniper mod zoom in, since you’ve all begged


How to Install Anfield’s WoT Mod Packs:


Anfields 9.15 Mod Pack v1.1(13 Mb)

30 Replies to “Anfield’s Mod Pack v1.1 [9.15]”

  1. Hello !
    My French WoT run in English with the “Anfields 8.7 Mod Pack v1.2” actived !!

    Can you help me for translate or activate “Anfields 8.7 Mod Pack v1.2” in french ?

    Thank you

    JC Macintosh

  2. I like your mods, they are the only one’s that don’t slow down my frame rate while in game. Can you put down how to install all of them, so I don’t make a mistake.

    Thank you, and when will you update the zoom out mod?

    Thanks again.

  3. Great mod, a couple friends use it and talked me into getting it. After just one game im very happy with all the great addons your mod provides. Keep up the good work

  4. I do have one question for you. Is there anyway to adjust some of the items in this mod? A settings or anything like that? Also so of the features in your video are not the same in the mod for 8.9, is this normal or did I mess up doing the download and install?
    Sorry for all the questions but this is the first ever mod I have used, so pretty much noob statues for me.

  5. I’ve installed and used this mod pack. The only thing i’m missing are the global win percentages given before the match starts. How does one adjust the XVM mods for that to show up. Thanks.

  6. I cant download it because I keep on pressing the download button and it makes me re-do it so plz reply and help me because you didn’t make a video how to download it if their are any problems

  7. When can we expect an update for Anfield’s Mod Pack to WoT 8.11? I love that mod pack and the game isn’t the same without it.

  8. I placed you mod for patch 8.11 and it gave me 3 tiers of tank view in carousel, but non of the tanks have information about them, they are basically empty boxes, so I have to scroll through to find tanks, can you fix this?

  9. First this is NOT his mod it is simply a link to download the mod (which I appreciate since I still haven’t been able to get to the download through the link Anfield gives).

    NOW – To make any changes to the xvm tweaks (which are many and worth doing) you will need to do the following AS INSTRUCTED:

    1) Download, unzip, and install the mod pack. I use the free Zip Archiver from to zip and unzip things. Once you have the mod unzipped and saved somewhere you will notice it is a folder named res_mods. Copy this res_mods folder into the C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\ folder – unless you installed the game somewhere besides the default location.

    2) Make a NEW folder inside your World of Tanks folder and name it Saved and make a sub-folder inside of it called Original xvm. Find the file called xvm.xc located in the C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\xvm folder and COPY it to your Saved\Original xvm folder, ALSO save a copy to your desktop.

    3) Use to open the xvm.xc file you saved to your DESKTOP. Use the tool to make any changes you want (keeping track of the changes you make is HIGHLY recommended as it helps to un-change things that didn’t work as you expected) and then save the file back to your DESKTOP.

    4) Copy the file from your DESKTOP to C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\xvm replacing the existing file (remember you have an original xvm.xc backup copy in your Saved\Original xvm folder).

    5) Start your WoT client and play a battle with a lower tier tank to try out your configuration. If you need to make any changes CLOSE WoT and repeat steps 3, 4 and 5.

    6) Once you are satisfied with all your settings COPY the entire res_mods folder into the Saved folder. Your Saved folder should now have two folders in it, one called res_mods, and the other called Original xvm.

    7) Now if you desire to add a new mod, or modify any of the installed mods…and it goes wrong DO THIS – DELETE the res_mods folder from C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\ THEN copy the res_mods folder from your Saved folder back into C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\ and all is good again! If you merge your saved res_mods folder with the res-mods folder that isn’t working chances are you will not solve your problems, you must delete the entire res_mods folder and replace it.

  10. When I installed it there was no custom garage, XVM didn’t work and the pain in the ass press control to enlarge thing was getting on my nerves. Any way to fix these problems?

  11. After replacing my res_mod my WOT is currently stuck at the “Updating tanker loading” after logging in. Had already tried to replace my res_mod but to no avail.

  12. When I installed the 9.2 mod, WOT does not load. It just quits.
    I’ve installed these mods before, so I know to simply replace the old res_mods folder.
    What’s up?

  13. Upgraded to WOT 9.2 which runs.
    Then copied modpack and fails.
    As described above : first a black screen (normal load) but then returns to desktop.

  14. mine as well, mabe because he switched from windows 7 to widows 8 . those of us still running 7 are doomed sent a email will update

  15. As last time the language is changed to English. I remeber I deleted a file to fix this last time, but I don’t remember which file it was. Can anyone help?

  16. Thanks for the mod and your work, I always use it but the latest doesn’t show the carousel at all, it has a greyed rectangle which would be where the 2 layers were.

    1. Yeah, my carousel has also been missing / blank since the patch to D:

      I’ve checked the filters, cleared the filters, attempted to edit the mod files.. (it’s not the filters)
      I’ve even tried running using just the carousel, & alternatively leaving out the carousel files -> no luck.

      (Also, I lost the ability to right click??? not sure if that’s related to the carousel issue.)
      All in-match stuff works fine though.

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