[9.12] AIOMOD v6.1.6.1 – XVM Build 4987


AIOMOD Compatible with WOT 0.9.12

J1mB0s Crosshairs
Shell travel time + Gun Traverse Indicator for Artillery
FullScreen Scope (Sniper Mode)
XVM Lite for OTM config – Version without in-game players ratio
Server side reticle in white color
Max Zoom Arcade + Arty
Displays symbol is Enemy tank has stock turret.
Old Server side Reticle (in White color)
Accurate Damage Indicator
XVM Lite – Version without in-game players ratio
XVM Full – Version with Stats (Optional)


Vertical TechTree
Colored messages
MiniMap + Laser
Railway Colored
Colored Icons Tanks (H. M, L, TD, A)
Default Damage Panel with (received damage, log of own hits)
Accurate Damage indicator
Ammo and Consumables Buttons
Custom sixth sense indicator
Calculator + Date + Time in Garage
Extra statistic information in Battle Reports, Service Record and new Gadget
In XVM Full: Chance to win & more.

How to install:

Copy the folder res_mods to directory: C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\


[0912]AIOMOD_Installer_v6_1_6.1.Build_4987.rar (26 Mb)

[0912]AIOMOD_v6_1_6_1_Build_4987 (20 Mb)

10 thoughts on “[9.12] AIOMOD v6.1.6.1 – XVM Build 4987”

  1. Richard says:

    please would you be able to email me once the above is 0.8.7 compatible, i only use your mod pack and im missing it =(

  2. Antoine says:

    Same here, let us know when it’s 8.7 compatible. Thanks in advance.

  3. Richard says:

    Cheers =), i dont seem to e getting the more accurate details in my own service record as i did before, im sure i was on the lite ver before or am i imagining things??

  4. Filip says:

    Is it possible to change language to czech?

  5. Marcelo says:

    Author Page: Updates, http://www.aiomod.com

  6. Enigmatick says:

    Anyone know how to tweak the Damage Panel font colors? I’m running 5.10 Build 3222 with the Optional Damage Panel, and the font color is a light grey, which is practically invisible on winter maps. I’d like to change it to something that would contrast more. I can’t edit the .swf file, don’t know anything about Flash. Any suggestions welcome.

  7. ARES says:

    comecem a pensar em opções para outras linguas.

    1. Kepec says:

      I was install like any other times but when start the game in hangar just have a text updating crew and thats . I was waiting 10 min and not finishing it.

      1. Muminnek says:

        Same here. Installed for the first time regarding to guide, but I’m stuck with a text updating crew too.

  8. Eloso says:

    realy good mod!!, where to find XWM file?? so i can modify it

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