AGQJ Sound Mod [9.8]

Dear friends! Team players AGQJ offers you sound modification of almost all the sounds in the game World of Tanks – the sound modes “AGQJ Sound Mod”.


This mod makes the sound more intense atmosphere of the game, highlights energetic tempo and lets look at the World of Tanks in a new way!

Demonstration mode:

What exactly changed:

Sound of the engine:
Sound of the shot:
atmospheric sounds


Make backup copies of folders: audio and sc ri pts.
Audio folder from the archive copy to … \ World_of_Tanks \ res \ audio, agreeing to replace files.
Scripts folder from the archive copy to … \ World_of_Tanks \ res \ sc ri pts, agreeing to replace files.


0.9.8Engine-Aerial_Gunner-v.1.2+script.rar (61 Mb)

0.9.8-tracers-by-ad76na-v.3.3.rar (2 mb)

Gunsounds & hitsounds take here

19 Replies to “AGQJ Sound Mod [9.8]”

    1. download the historic gun sound pack or copy and paste the audio folder n the res folder to your 8.x.x audio folder. to keep the original gun sounds.

        1. It is all neatly explained here:

          Once you do it yourself you'll get it in no time. It's very easy to be honest. Depending on mod you may be told to copy mod contents in to "res" folder... Before you ever do make a backup copy!!! Otherwise you'll end up roaming the forum looking for original game files to download or at best re-installing entire game.!

  1. AGQJ engine sound is the best ive heard. gnomefather is absolutely shit!!!!….dont stop make this mode in further time!!! thanks:)

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