[9.15.2] Advanced statistics script for World of Tanks

To improved player skills needs to work on the bugs. Information about these errors, tanker can get in results after battle statistics. But today we offer a program that provides a script with which you can expand the data about played fight directly on the official website  World of Tanks.

You can get acquainted with the dynamics of the statistics for the last few battles, to change the color percentage of battle, to get acquainted with the battles statistics on the global map, a variety of options Battle rating and more others. Plus a handy installer. Author of mod Elf__X fashion and Minamoto.

Detailed setting

First, install Greasemonkey on Mozilla FireFox, and download the file, which is located below and start wot_ext_stat.user.js script in Mozilla.
In Opera to download and install the application Violent monkey, and then install wot_ext_stat.user.js script from the archive.
The Chrome – Extension for Chrome (and others based on it – Yandex Browser, etc.)


Advanced statistics script (200 KB)

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