Advanced settings on the minimap for WOT

This mod will help you to set up  new features in standard mini map of the game  but without XVM

The feature of  mod is to allows the player  make changes  in game minimap without XVM. You can change:
– Install HP on a mine map without using XVM
– To make the classes technique settings
– HP display settings for opponents and allies
– An increase  mine map in the center of the screen
– Color adjustment
– The possibility to include a circle 50m

Due to the fact that mod is not used  XVM is not no effect on your FPS. This mod is perfect for players who have weak format of your computer and do not want to effect on FPS or simply do not like XVM

The author of mod is PolarFox. The author is not going to stop  and want to improve mod add function the trunks directions on the minimap.

How to set up mod:

Customize mod can be in the file \ World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ configs \ MinimapExtended \ Config.json, opened its using NotePad ++. There is a clear comments to help you understand the mod preferences.



How to install:
Copy the folder res_mods / 9.14.1 / confirm the replacement.


Advanced settings on the minimap (80 KB)

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