It’s rather difficult to define the genre of World of Tanks. At first glance it seems to be an action shooter game; however, it does not feature a human player but rather a tank. Moreover, after each battle, the player gets money, experience, and medals. And this reminds us of MMORPG.

Still, this game cannot be called a genuine MMORPG. It’s a session game: you start the fight, play and then it ends. Moreover, you have to assign different roles to players and plan joint campaigns. So this game combines the features of a shooter, MMORPG, action and strategy game.

At first, you’ve got the small МС-1 that doesn’t have much fighting spirit or abilities, but then you get more or less massive machines, and ultimately you can be lucky enough to own a steel fighter able to destroy five tanks at a time. Tanks are slow and serious. They know their position and like moving slowly, lay ambushes and attack being covered up by their companions.

Tanks are divided into different classes, and this adds thrill to the gameplay. There are machines that are created for frontal attacks. Heavy tanks are impressive in their power, but they cannot do anything alone. There are other machines intended for attacks. For instance, the aim of artillery is to deliver overhead fire. Light tanks are faster than others, but the fire is a bit weak, their advantage is speed and power of maneuver. Last but not least, universal middle-weight tanks are fast, maneuvering, powerful and strong. Classic middle-weight tank is the famous Т-34.

A very important feature of this class game is leveling. After each fight, you are awarded money and experience. In order to get an improved tank, you have to level up your old one. You have to study and buy better components for your tank, making its initial characteristics better.

You can download the World of Tanks client for free and start playing right away.
However, you cannot switch from one battle to another: if you get shot, you’ll have to wait until the end of the fight. Still, you can go out and use another machine, but this does not allow leveling your main machine.

The bottom line is: the idea of the game is fresh, and so is the gameplay. This is why World of Tanks is able to keep you interested for months. The plans of, the developer of the project, to improve the game are quite ambitious, so we might see new exciting features in the near future.

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    Improved MiniMap by Locastan (with a few small modifacations)
    Blue Tracers (source unknown)
    ZJ Shaytan 9.13 AimBot Demo (will need updates)
    ZJ Shaytan 9.13 ReloadTimer (will need updates)
    J1mB0_s_Crosshair (minus the Artillary Sight)
    Sword Of Damocles Arty Sight (Artillary Only)
    Aslains (just the Garage Clock. Later maybe the floating nukes, angel wings, Scull & Cross Bones; still working that out)
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