[9.15.1] Hit Zones of ammunition and fuel tanks

Hello everyone,

This mod will show you how you can set fire or blow up tank ammunition.

If you install this mode, then at any moment you are able to set fire enemy tank.

Author: BadBoy78

Updated 26/07/2016:

adapted to;

The archive is available Hit Zones  of ammunition and fuel tanks, for the following tanks :

4 (1)

More screenshots:

shot_005 shot_004 shot_003 shot_002 shot_001  3 (2)



Download and unzip the archive.
Folders scripts and vehicles to copy and paste that path: WOT / res_mods /


Weak spots fuel tanks (291 Mb)

7 thoughts on “[9.15.1] Hit Zones of ammunition and fuel tanks”

  1. bob says:

    this dosnt work for 9.13

  2. BetoZed says:

    This mod needs to be repaired or worked at more, because for most of the tank it doesen’t show up. Tested it withouth any mods installed.

  3. dka13 says:

    pos mod that doesnt even have half the tanks

  4. jóskagyerek says:

    Most of the the skins not appear on the linked tanks. Fix it plz cause it would be good if it work properly.

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