[9.7] ModPack by Nolan v1.5

In battle

Updated May 01. This will allow you to multimodpak few clicks to install both a lot of useful mods for WoT. ModPak compatible with the 0.9.7 update. Author: Nolan


MeltyMap’s Math Mod

Effective Armor calculator

Stream friendly Damage Panel
8x Zoom in and 500m zoom out
Team HP Pools by Locastan
GambitER Damage Panel
XVM stats
Joo’s Trapsense sixth sense icon w/audio
Remodel: T-62 & Leopard 1
​Separate server-side reticle

Leo 1 remodel

Multilined TankCarousel

Session Stats

T-62 Remode

Tab screen



Download and unzip the file to the root of the game


Nolans-9.7-ModPackv1.5.0.rar (8 Mb)

2 thoughts on “[9.7] ModPack by Nolan v1.5”

  1. innerz7 says:

    Perfect for me 😀 thanks alot , just one thing id like to change i think its with xvm thought dont know how .. i wanna know who is hitting me , it only show damage

    1. innerz7 says:

      and some tanks names are called null on minimap wtf XD

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