[9.20.1] Ingame Replay Manager


The mod allows you to manage your game replays directly from the game client! To open the window mod, just click on the “Replay Manager.”

NOTE: After installing a new version of the mod you must remove a file ReplaysCache.cache, which is located in the game folder


Copy the contents of the archive into the game folder, confirm the replacement of files.


Replay Manager Ru version (692 Kb)

12 thoughts on “[9.20.1] Ingame Replay Manager”

  1. Hunnt3rKill3r says:

    Where is this file located? I cannot find anything like this.

    NOTE: After installing a new version of the mod you must remove a file ReplaysCache.cache, which is located in the game folder

    1. polandbal says:

      Very thank you. i cant figure it out until i find your hint. Good Luck, Have fun and many critic hits ;).

    2. David Fink says:

      I found the file in root directory of the games folder that has world of tanks, scroll down and you should see it.
      for windows 7 the path I took was; computer > Local Disk (C:) > Games > World of Tanks….then look alphabetically

      I removed the file but it did not seem to help replays manager cutting out every time I try and play a replay

  2. Librarian says:

    The Replay manager still uploads the replays to the .RU site.
    cant figure out how to change it to .EU

  3. Sajnos win8 alatt nem működik a mód. A másik gépemen win xp van és azon sem működik.
    Kár érte, mert jó megoldás lenne. Hello

  4. blew a seal says:

    When I select a battle to replay a box opens on the screen saying the game must shut down then after hitting ok, the game closes and nothing happens. Any ideas what’s wrong?

  5. bkc1965 says:

    This no longer functions correctly with version 9.10. It will not upload to the EU server. When you click the upload button, nothing happens.

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  8. Dude says:

    hi can you tell me where directly should i extract downloaded files …it doesn’t work for me ….maybe i am doing something wrong;(

  9. Onman says:

    How do I start/open the replay manager? It says with the mod description “click on the Replay Manager”, but where is it???

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