[9.10] Enhanced HD MiniMaps + config Artasan & Locastan




Hello commanders!
Meet by a new minimap from “Artasan”. Artasan based his minimap from Locastan and reworked it almost completely. Authors: Artasan & Locastan.

Minimap is compatible with the latest update 0.9.10


Res_mods folder placed in the root of the game

Locastans_SD_Minimaps_MOD_and_Config_0910_by_Artasan (26 Mb)

11 Replies to “[9.10] Enhanced HD MiniMaps + config Artasan & Locastan”

  1. I installed these and the last stop place was aS WELL AS the rest of the features of this mod are missing.

  2. Please update it, i wont play with out your HD Map ! WG should integrate it as standard in WoT…
    If its possible to update it self, so please tell me how ?? I can not wait every update so much time 🙂

    Best Minimap ever !!!

    Best Regard

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