[] Solo’s Easy ModPack v.1.9.9


Convenient installer, a huge selection of useful mods, fast installation and removal – is Solo’s Easy ModPack v.1.9.9. Such a large selection of mods you’ve ever seen! All mods are checked for serviceability, so the lag is gone! ModPak compatible with the update. Author: soloviyko

Date of updateJanuary 29th, 2020
Actual for the patch1.7.1
Current version01
Size 56 MB

ModList (picture clickable):


With Updating System:


3 2




It is highly recommended to do a clean install of the mods.

Q: After installing the modpack FPS dropped!
A: Some mods that use more system resources:
Minimap from XVM (usually the main reason)
Hangar Ping
Melty’sMap Mod

Q: How to configure the XVM in this mod pack? Getting “root config not found” error.
A: Open the XVM Editor
Click on ‘open’ and select all the .xc files (Located at World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ xvm \ configs \ J1mB091\……..)
In that folder there are about 30 .xc files. Select them all (e.g: click one and after that click ctrl+a) and click open.
To be on the safe side: make a backup of your xvm folder before you start; if anything goes wrong you can easy go back to your starting point with the backup.
After you are done, save the file as xvm.xc in the folder World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ xvm\configs

Q: Tank tier is covering Installed tank icons!
A: In game settings under “General” uncheck “show vehicle tier”

Q: Info panel, is in the wrong place or want it in different spot!
A: Find World_of_Tanks\res_mods\1.8.1\gui\scaleform\InfoPanel.xml and using Notepad++ edit <location x=”0″ y=”365″/> for each <arcade>, <sniper>, <strategic>, <postmortem>. Test different positions to find the best one.

Q: Backup! Where is it located?
A: It will be in World of Tanks folder.

Q: XVM Updater How to use and where is it?
A: XVM Updater is in res_mods folder. To get the latest Nightly and to keep an old config. Check “Keep old XVM config file” and select XVM version “Latest Nightly”


  • Download and run ModPak
  • Select the mods and options you want to install
  • Select the installation type and any additional tasks you would like the Installer to perform
  • You’re done! Enjoy the game


SoloModPack_v1.9.0.2 v1.9.9  (89.7 Mb) will be soon

53 thoughts on “[] Solo’s Easy ModPack v.1.9.9”

  1. qtaz says:

    Fajne , ze mozna wybrać co sie chce 😛

  2. mrhawk says:

    Critical Error
    Game recource path does not exist:

    Help plz !

  3. Ukko says:

    Some mod jams me in sniper view and I only see that direction i was watching before jam. After that I can’t see where my turret/ gun is pointing so can’t do much after that. Completely unusable for me.

  4. andrew says:

    it glitches out first time ive ever seen this happen it just stay frozen

  5. qtaz says:

    Cos nie dziala :/ wlacza sie blad Runtime error na 2 kompie tez to mam wtf ?
    Please fix it Runtime error.

  6. name1 says:

    Runtime error :/ wtf ?

  7. Kjaldir says:

    i always get
    Runtime Errir (at 103:880):
    Invalid char in version string.

    always i start the downloaded file i already re downloaded the file -> same
    also i deleted my old res_mod folder and rebooted several times
    anny suggestions?

  8. Bob says:

    Some mods do not work for me in 9.2 even though they’re available in the modpack. Needs to be fixed.

  9. stefany says:

    I love your mod pack installer….. works great, love the pick and choose. When will you be having the update for WOT 9.3? Please…soon

  10. SchwarzeBaronEU says:

    hi i just see that tank carousel not work properly half of mine tanks not shown
    any surgestions?

    1. SchwarzeBaronEU says:

      its for 9.3 patch

  11. Max says:

    How to disable hangar ping please?

  12. mohammad says:

    hi.plz solo mode pack 9.4
    tanks man.tanksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  13. MrLoL says:

    The hit skins takes forever to download, speed is only around 100kb/s. Could you change source or add other skins? And in the ingame settings the “Mods” doesn’t exist, does it only appear when it’s time for update?

  14. simon says:

    Please can you help.Not getting ‘spotted’ warning of any kind no matter which symbol from mod i use.Would appreciate help to solve this.Thank you.

    1. MrLoL says:

      Do you have Six sence on the commander? It works fine for me.

      1. spars says:

        yeah u have to have the 6th sense on him or it wont work but great ideas on these mods we love it

  15. spars says:

    cant wait for ur 9/5 mod helps in training the the new giuys but plz hurry its a bad site seeing my members having withdrawls i mean its bad need wipers on my 50 inch monitor they are drulling to much

  16. jimmy says:

    70 Mb 20 min serios ?

  17. tanker1991 says:

    at least this one works 🙂

    and it is good 🙂

  18. tanker1991 says:

    well…. hell long download speed… but its worth it 🙂

    i love this modpack 🙂

  19. tanker1991 says:

    realy… realy long download :/

    for just 70 mb??!!

  20. M2Abrahms says:

    When installed Solo´s modpack, game language change to english and I can´t do anything to restore to my own language. Tried all usual options, but no result…

    Any idea?

  21. Raymon says:

    Hi, Works flawless and gives plenty of options.

    Although I wonder if there is a way to uninstall particular parts when you installed them in the first place but after don’t like them.

  22. arno says:

    erg blij mee

  23. arno says:

    erg blij mee heel goed

  24. jabojr says:

    Every time I install your mod pak, my game will not launch, it just started happening yesterday. Any suggestions.

  25. blaster16 says:

    Great mod i see some of the mods i used to have on solos i cant get now eg de gees sights
    will these be comming back on mod pak

  26. Henry Ramsey says:

    Where and how to I report bugs? I have found a bug where I have green arrows and distance markings in a semi-circle around my tank in the garage. It continues if I go into battle. It looks like a bug in the mod that shows spotted tanks and their distance. I thought it was fixed in the update on Saturday but it showed up again. I’m not sure what makes it come on. It was not there when I went into battle in my M44 then showed up when I returned to the garage. Where can I post a screen shot?

  27. Klerik__ says:

    Exlent mode mate, works perfect, witohut any (-) keep it going

  28. dan stefanko says:

    doesn’t seem to work with new WOT 9.8?? Any advice?

  29. Nerds says:

    after a couple of battles the in-game players names are replaced with squares. Could you please let me know how to fix this? Thanks.

  30. 1lt_wert says:

    Please put a link for the download at the top of the page.

  31. Kim says:

    My solo mod pack gives me a critical error. “An unhandled exception is occurred. The application will be restarted. And I get the same message over and over

  32. GeneralPatton says:

    Love the mod pack have never had an issue with installer.. little slow sometime to get it out but allways worth the install thanks 😀

  33. csgo weapon says:

    The tips is amazingly useful

  34. Jason Martin says:

    Attempting to install, I get a prompt that the World_of_Tanks folder is not found in the directory. Yet it shows the folder present…. Help ME!!!! I love this mod and want it back!

  35. Pete says:

    Installing Update 8 on WOT Asia Client is BROKEN.
    Returns message “Not version” and petulantly refuses to install.
    I can find folders labeled and decided that someone screwed up at the asia HQ when they deployed.
    Any idea of when this will get fixed ?

  36. John says:

    please can you let me know when you have sorted out the problems with Solo. tried to install it twice and couldn’t get into WoT ? 🙁 . had to un-install and install WoT to run WoT

  37. Alberto says:

    A simple question.
    In the “Session statistics” square, in the first two lines, in the right side there are the letters T and B. What do they mean? Perhaps “Tanks” and “Battles”?
    What is the meaning of the colored numbers beside them?
    Thank you!

  38. Sven says:

    Is the gun traverse indicator the same like the TD brake removal in sniper sight? Because I can´t find a modpack which includes this modification since OMC has quit business. HEEEEELP

    1. yessuz says:

      aslain’s pack has that

  39. derek says:

    new mod pack 9.19 keeps locking up/freezing after battles. have to close and reload every battle. Ideas? issues? suggestions to fix?

    1. Innominatam Interfector says:

      Same here. Tried to find out wchich mod is reason, but it happens evry time.

  40. gazmend says:

    when i pres ctrl minimap gets biger how can i disable that pls
    its not centre it is on right side but it cover halp screen at moment
    pls help to disable that

  41. GeeMod Fan says:

    Why is GeeMod missing on this Page?


  42. Clay says:

    Unable to connect to the game server upon installation, not sure if the installation is at fault, just that this occurs straight after installation

  43. axl says:

    I’m looking for a mod to see my gold-colored tanks in the garage

  44. x2 says:

    does this modpack have a night mod that comes with it?

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