[] Solo’s Easy ModPack v.5


Convenient installer, a huge selection of useful mods, fast installation and removal – is Solo’s Easy ModPack v.1. Such a large selection of mods you’ve ever seen! All mods are checked for serviceability, so the lag is gone! ModPak compatible with the update. Author: soloviyko

Date of updateAugust 6th, 2019
Actual for the patch1.6.0
Current version01
Size 56 MB

ModList (picture clickable):


With Updating System:


3 2





It is highly recommended to do a clean install of the mods.

Q: After installing the modpack FPS dropped!
A: Some mods that use more system resources:
Minimap from XVM (usually the main reason)
Hangar Ping
Melty’sMap Mod

Q: How to configure the XVM in this mod pack? Getting “root config not found” error.
A: Open the XVM Editor
Click on ‘open’ and select all the .xc files (Located at World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ xvm \ configs \ J1mB091\……..)
In that folder there are about 30 .xc files. Select them all (e.g: click one and after that click ctrl+a) and click open.
To be on the safe side: make a backup of your xvm folder before you start; if anything goes wrong you can easy go back to your starting point with the backup.
After you are done, save the file as xvm.xc in the folder World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ xvm\configs

Q: Tank tier is covering Installed tank icons!
A: In game settings under “General” uncheck “show vehicle tier”

Q: Info panel, is in the wrong place or want it in different spot!
A: Find World_of_Tanks\res_mods\\gui\scaleform\InfoPanel.xml and using Notepad++ edit <location x=”0″ y=”365″/> for each <arcade>, <sniper>, <strategic>, <postmortem>. Test different positions to find the best one.

Q: Backup! Where is it located?
A: It will be in World of Tanks folder.

Q: XVM Updater How to use and where is it?
A: XVM Updater is in res_mods folder. To get the latest Nightly and to keep an old config. Check “Keep old XVM config file” and select XVM version “Latest Nightly”


  • Download and run ModPak
  • Select the mods and options you want to install
  • Select the installation type and any additional tasks you would like the Installer to perform
  • You’re done! Enjoy the game


SoloModPack_v1.6.0.2 v5  (74 Mb)

53 Replies to “[] Solo’s Easy ModPack v.5”

  1. Some mod jams me in sniper view and I only see that direction i was watching before jam. After that I can’t see where my turret/ gun is pointing so can’t do much after that. Completely unusable for me.

  2. i always get
    Runtime Errir (at 103:880):
    Invalid char in version string.

    always i start the downloaded file i already re downloaded the file -> same
    also i deleted my old res_mod folder and rebooted several times
    anny suggestions?

  3. I love your mod pack installer….. works great, love the pick and choose. When will you be having the update for WOT 9.3? Please…soon

  4. The hit skins takes forever to download, speed is only around 100kb/s. Could you change source or add other skins? And in the ingame settings the “Mods” doesn’t exist, does it only appear when it’s time for update?

  5. Please can you help.Not getting ‘spotted’ warning of any kind no matter which symbol from mod i use.Would appreciate help to solve this.Thank you.

  6. cant wait for ur 9/5 mod helps in training the the new giuys but plz hurry its a bad site seeing my members having withdrawls i mean its bad need wipers on my 50 inch monitor they are drulling to much

  7. When installed Solo´s modpack, game language change to english and I can´t do anything to restore to my own language. Tried all usual options, but no result…

    Any idea?

  8. Hi, Works flawless and gives plenty of options.

    Although I wonder if there is a way to uninstall particular parts when you installed them in the first place but after don’t like them.

  9. Great mod i see some of the mods i used to have on solos i cant get now eg de gees sights
    will these be comming back on mod pak

  10. Where and how to I report bugs? I have found a bug where I have green arrows and distance markings in a semi-circle around my tank in the garage. It continues if I go into battle. It looks like a bug in the mod that shows spotted tanks and their distance. I thought it was fixed in the update on Saturday but it showed up again. I’m not sure what makes it come on. It was not there when I went into battle in my M44 then showed up when I returned to the garage. Where can I post a screen shot?

  11. after a couple of battles the in-game players names are replaced with squares. Could you please let me know how to fix this? Thanks.

  12. My solo mod pack gives me a critical error. “An unhandled exception is occurred. The application will be restarted. And I get the same message over and over

  13. Love the mod pack have never had an issue with installer.. little slow sometime to get it out but allways worth the install thanks 😀

  14. Attempting to install, I get a prompt that the World_of_Tanks folder is not found in the directory. Yet it shows the folder present…. Help ME!!!! I love this mod and want it back!

  15. Installing Update 8 on WOT Asia Client is BROKEN.
    Returns message “Not version” and petulantly refuses to install.
    I can find folders labeled and decided that someone screwed up at the asia HQ when they deployed.
    Any idea of when this will get fixed ?

  16. please can you let me know when you have sorted out the problems with Solo. tried to install it twice and couldn’t get into WoT ? 🙁 . had to un-install and install WoT to run WoT

  17. A simple question.
    In the “Session statistics” square, in the first two lines, in the right side there are the letters T and B. What do they mean? Perhaps “Tanks” and “Battles”?
    What is the meaning of the colored numbers beside them?
    Thank you!

  18. Is the gun traverse indicator the same like the TD brake removal in sniper sight? Because I can´t find a modpack which includes this modification since OMC has quit business. HEEEEELP

  19. new mod pack 9.19 keeps locking up/freezing after battles. have to close and reload every battle. Ideas? issues? suggestions to fix?

  20. when i pres ctrl minimap gets biger how can i disable that pls
    its not centre it is on right side but it cover halp screen at moment
    pls help to disable that

  21. Unable to connect to the game server upon installation, not sure if the installation is at fault, just that this occurs straight after installation

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